Book Review: Two-Way Street, Lauren Barnholdt

Two-Way Street By: Lauren Barnholdt Length:  288 pages Published: June 26th 2007 Rating:  1/2 Synopsis: There are two sides to every breakup. This is Jordan and Courtney, totally in love. Sure, they were an unlikely high school couple. But they clicked; it worked. They're even going to the same college, and driving cross-country together for orientation. Then Jordan... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Planet Perfect, Charlotte Roth

Planet Perfect By: Charlotte Roth  Length: 251 pages Published: January 31st 2018 Rating: ☆☆☆☆ Summary: You are invited to live in a perfect world … all you have to do is leave everything and everyone behind. Do you go? Amy and Jack have anything but the perfect life. Struggling for years to get pregnant, they are broke and... Continue Reading →

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