Rating System

This is the rating system I use when rating my books and its breakdown.

Series are given an overall rating averaging out between all the individual ratings of the books. If you ever want to know th indivual rating feel free to ask if I fail to put them in the actual review.

5 Stars :  I loved it

Well it’s pretty obvious right. I loved it. It means that I couldn’t be pried away from the book, it means I lost sleep over the book because one more page became 5 more chapters. It means I picked the book up possibly in the middle of another book and finished it first because it became number one on my TBR (to be read). It’s the book that I highly recommend to people in that genre. These are the books that after reading I usually take a day off from reading to make sure my mind is clear for the next book.

4 Stars: I really liked it

Believe me there is a difference between liking a book and really liking a book. Really liking means, I tell people about the book, I recommend the book but it may not always be the first to pop into my mind. 4 stars means I know that this was a good book, well written, characters that reached out to me, a plot that was so good I needed to find out more.

3 Stars: I liked it

3 stars is good in my book. It means that the plot, characters and the unique storyline kept me reading, made me still want to pick the book up. Or with the case of series it made me want to follow through to the next book and so forth. 3 stars also means I may revisit and make sure I wasn’t just in a book funk. But that something was off that couldn’t make it a 4 star.

2 Stars: It was okay

I finished it at least, I read the book but nothing stood out. Nothing said “that’s a book I want to read again”. It means it had something because I finished it to the end. Weather it was just a character or a hopeful pick up . I finished the book to the end.

1 Star: I did not like it

It’s rare that I give a book 1 star. Very rare in fact I think I’ve only ever done it twice. Those books are usually just so poorly written that the story line make complete utter nonsense. There are way too many laps and gaps that nothing make sense in any form. These are sadly books that are usually DNF (did not finish).





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