She always reads is I. Who is I, you might ask? That shall remain a mystery. I don’t like to be front and center, I don’t like much attention at all actually. So then why blog…Right…? Well, I want to be heard. I want my thoughts, my opinions, my views out there for whoever wishes to dive into the mind of me.

My spelling is horrid and sometimes I add words to my spell checker by mistake and they remain in my dictionary. Because as I said I’m new to this and I’ve yet to find out how to delete them. My grammar ( it is -ar right ?) well you’d think after 13 years of school I’d have that down by now, but sadly I don’t. There will be many mistakes on my part. Not just because literacy is unbecoming of me but because I also get sidetracked very very easily. Mostly by the little people who have taken over my home or by my new book boyfriend or book bestie. But I promise I will give it my all, well at least 95% of my focus…. The other 5% just likes to stroll around in its own world.

Why blog…I need something or anything for me. Something that doesn’t revolve around my little people, or my little people’s school, little people’s extracurricular activities, little people’s appointments. Pretty much something that is mine, mine that I can share with them when they grow up, mine that doesn’t have anything to do with little people unless I plug them into it ( which probably will happen ), mine and mine alone to feel connections to the outside world of non-little people. This is for me. I read a lot and sometimes I have a lot to say about a book, but reading extends to me alone in my family as they’ve yet to discover the unlimited possibilities a book can bring. So this is me sharing that with you, my inner mind of books. I can’t guarantee every blog will be about a book. But this is me. Me sharing me with you. Happy Reading.



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