Book Review: Haze: The Devil of Dublin, Haze O’Hagan

Haze: The Devil of Dublin42270995

By: Haze O’Hagan

Published: Manuscript Copy

Length: 354 Pages



Dublin Ireland 2050.
Cursed as a boy, now dreaded as the Devil. Join Haze O’Hagan on his quest for justice and redemption as he battles against forces he cannot understand or explain.
God, no longer a necessity to prosperity became a hindrance in the eyes of many, causing Haze to grow up in a world where men through science could perform their own miracles.
As technology became almost indistinguishable to magic, a new god was born: “Patrick Lynch” the father of neo-micronisation.
The Devil of Dublin is an epic tale of good vs evil, but within our telling, good and evil are not always what it seems.
What defines good?
What defines evil?
Why does evil seem to prosper while the good perish?
One man’s search for immortality awakens an ancient evil, forcing Haze to fight for freedom, identity, faith and love in this thought-provoking tale.
As darkness plagues across the Emerald Isle, a light will rise to meet it.


I found haze through a bookstagram review. Not only did the book appeal to me but the review raved about it. Which of course made me want it even more so.

Unfortunately I did not have feel the same way after reading it for myself. While the plot is interesting it just didn’t translate well. It was hard for me to get into the story anymore than after the 30% point. It seemed to become anticlimactic.

The characters themselves I found to be unique in the background story of them. The integration of not just mixed races but also mixed religion was a bonus that I was all for. Even though there were times where that seemed to be the focal point and not the actual plot of good vs. evil.

Another aspect I enjoyed was the technological advancements that seem to be the centering point. I enjoyed how O’Hagan manipulated them to enhances the story and making the futuristic setting feel exactly as that.

But I don’t think I connected with the writing style much. It was often times blunt and to the point with no build up, no suspense, just nothing leaving you hanging on the edge of you seat. And I truly do think that is what the book needed to really hook me.

Although based on the Goodreads rating I am most definitely on the outs as it has a steady rating of 4.11 out 5 stars.

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