Book Review: Redemption (Youngblood Series, Book 1), Monique Orgeron


By: Monique Orgeron

Published: January 24th, 2019

Length: 400+

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Is there a road to redemption?
Her coming into my life was a miracle. She saved me. But she also came in like rolling thunder to my lightning strikes.
Opinionated, aggressive, argumentative, and fuck did it make me react. She is the first woman to ever call me on my bullshit, causing my blood to boil like no other.
The problem is, she sees right through me. I’m a bad man with no redeeming qualities or is that true?
I might not be who she wants, but I can be the only man she will ever need, and she is the only one that can penetrate my blackened heart.
The price is high but with her, I get not one but two hearts that will be solely mine.
Fire and ice!
Freedom is all I wanted and what I got were surprises.
All wrapped up in a man that was everything I hated.
Life was supposed to be simple. 
Stick to the plan, that’s all I had to do and then he came in tempting me and pushing my buttons.
So why did I let him get under my skin, in my thoughts, and in my bed?
There is too much to risk but what a delicious risk it would be.
Is it possible to love someone you hate?


Teddy was introduced to reader several times within the series A Stern Family Saga. I highly recommend out start your journey there as parts of Redemption, Youngblood book 1 reference are made in that direction. And while you don’t need to read to enjoy Teddy’s story I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the full effect.

Teddy definitely is one of the most flawed characters I have ever met but yet at the same time one of the most genuine ones also. His role of the villain follows him throughout the book and if your like me you’re always rooting for the villain. He is bad, Monique built up his character and counties to build him up on the mysterious side but in Redemption we get all of Teddy. Seriously you get all of him, the good, the bad, the ugly, and the man will make you scream his name one way or another.

While the plot the intrigued me, by adding Ashlyn ( I believe she is a much more toned down version of Teddy) who is not just a beautiful, sexy, smart goddess of a woman but she is a single mother into the mix it allowed for the storyline not to just be a superficial guy meet girl, they hate each other, yada yada yada type story. It added heart, the heart that Teddy needed.

The only thing I wasn’t pleased with was the rushed ending, ok maybe not the ending but the epilogue which I think could have been more intertwined with book 2 or just given its own chapter. It just felt as if that was thrown on quickly like a “I forgot to add moment” I think it was the jumping in time momentum that made me feel that way. However, whatever you do…. DO NOT SKIP IT!!!! I repeat do not skip it because the last three sentences are a killer. And will leave your jaw permanently on the floor.

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