Book Review: Masked Conspiracy (A Noah Knolls Thriller), E.C. Fisher

Masked Conspiracy 43372795

By: E.C. Fisher

Published: December 26, 2018

Length: 114 pages

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Noah Knolls’ mother set him up to stay with his long-lost father’s old friend, Walter when he takes a vacation back home to New York. A visit that turns into something more heinous than he could have imagined.

Upon arrival at the airport, Noah is attacked by a group of strange men, Walter arrives in the nick of time to in aid his escape. Later, he learns his mother was kidnapped by an ancient sect and using information along with a special key left to him by his father they enter the sect’s secret temple.

Noah and Walter have descended into a world far darker than either of them knew. Agents of the sect chase them through darkened streets, as a decades-old conspiracy has been unmasked, and Noah is right in the center of it.


Action, adventure and mysteriousness compacted into this short story.

I was blown away with how involved the story became without dragging out to become these unnecessarily long scenes. I will admit at the beginning I was a bit confused as to what was going on. But it seems that was the plan all along. Fisher does not disappoint in putting you directly into the shoes of his characters.

Now here’s the thing  unlike many other suspense filled books you will not be able to spot what’s coming with Masked Conspiracy. I know, I read it through twice to make sure I wasn’t so involved I missed the obvious picture that was right in front of me. But Fisher carefully manipulates any loops you can conjure and twist it to an utter delightful surprising twist.

While the pace the quick, it is not lacking. And while short it is an exhilarating ride that I can wait to see what comes of it. This is a conspiracy theorist fanatic dream come true.

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