Book Review: Starlight: a sequel to A Harvest of Stars, Cecily Wolfe


By: Cecily Wolfe

Published: December 25, 2018

Length: 111 Pages

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


A strange man has been watching Lanie as she leaves high school with her friends every day, but she is reluctant to tell her parents about this unnerving development. An only child, she is close to both of her parents, but her mother’s unexplained distrust of others makes Lanie worry about sharing anything distressing with them. When the stranger ventures closer to home, his intent is revealed, and her parents’ carefully concealed past is brought back in all its dark horror. *includes the short story Moonlight


Starlight. What can I really say about Cecily Wolfe piece besides that it gives me hope for YA. YA that doesn’t included fantasy with princess and princes or rising from the pit and overthrowing a kingdom.

Starlight is the the continued story of Harvest of Our Stars (Which I believe was the second book I read by Wolfe). It’s not so much a continuation more so of the following of the next generation in the book.

I was overall pleased with work. I had questions answered that lingered from Harvest of Stars and a new storyline brought up as well. Although I was still left with one question, which seemed to be left as an open ending. Maybe to provide a way back into for future writings.

Wolfe has a way with writing and she emphasizes it in Starlight more so than ever. With the mysterious background meeting up with our present time frame. The small town feel impeccably crafted to feel small but not overly done up.

While unraveling the secrets you are left in the same hazy feeling as the characters, their emotions really shine through the words.

And once all is revealed you are left stunned, breathless and most of all satisfied.

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