Poetry Review: Thoughts That Bring Us Closer, Mihai Brinas

Thoughts That Bring Us Closer41971122

By: Mihai Brinas

Published: September 18th 2018

Length: 115 Pages



Thoughts That Bring Us Closer is a collection of old and new poems. The old poems have already been published in Invitation to Poetry, Alignment of Thoughts and Crossroads. The new poems are written in the same intriguing and challenging style that characterizes the author.


Everytime Brinas release another piece of work I become more intrigued with his mind an the way it works. The passion that it felt as every line is read. The connection to his words in raw and powerful.

Thoughts That Bring Us Closer is a collaboration of his previous works and new work added in. While it wasn’t necessary for me to read the entire collection as I have already read them as individual works. I did. Why? Because even while being read a second time it was as if it was the first time the words have crossed my vision. And as a whole witht the added newly written words you get a well round picture. I encourage the collection to be read as whole in the order of their release.

Each poem brings a new journeys path of what I can only assume is his life or the life of those extremely close to his heart. Brinas has mastered his writing style which only seems to be evolving in the most beautiful aspect.

It is without a doubt that Mihai Brinas is a poet who will someday be taught about in Enlighes Classes one day in the future. As I can see his words living on forever in the souls in which he captures.




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