Poetry Review: Letters Away: A Poetic Journey, Elias Raven & Sharon Johnson

Letters Away: A Poetic Journey36278826

By: Elias Raven                                                                    Sharon Johnson

Published: September 20th 2017

Length: 52 Pages

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Jacob Tanner is a man who’s been writing poetry since he was very young. After he was drafted into the Korean War he continued writing his poetry as a means to explore the complex emotions of love, loss, and fear. His new bride, Belle, followed suit and started expressing some of her innermost feelings through poetry as well. For the first time, they’ve decided to share some of their poetry with the public through this series of beautiful poems. In this collection, we start to understand how much they miss each other, their deep and abiding love for each other, as well as their hopes and dreams for the future. As their biographers, they’ve allowed Elias Raven and Sharon Johnson to share another part of their continued journey together…


Letters the way poetic journey follows the prequel of letters away. I was drawn to this after reading letters away the prequel thinking that this was going to be in a letter format as well it was not a letter for me to say.

This was in a home setting but also let her take form because each his palm was signed by either Jake up at Bella which are characters from the prequel as well.

I enjoyed both other poem but I think I enjoyed Bellas palms a little bit more than Jake ups not saying that his were not in good they were brilliantly written I just felt more of a connection with Bella.

The only thought that I found was at the poems were not in sequential order so we were jumping back-and-forth between a 1950 to 1952 to get back to 1951 and so forth I think the book would have gotten so much more out of it had the poems been in the order of the journey.

But besides that, the poems are exquisitely written in a phenomenal and heart wrenching  way with their feelings being those that are all too familiar to me.

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