Novella Review: The Book of Dernier, Samantha Lienhard

The Book of Dernier36303007

By: Samantha Lienhard

Published: September 22nd 2017

Length: 106 Pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


When obsessive scholar Paul Bryce discovers a dark secret in the town of Dernier, he thinks he’s hit a goldmine. Twisted murders, horrifying rituals, a mysterious cult—it’s everything he dreamed of researching, and a strange book promises to hold the answers he seeks.

But some secrets should never be revealed…


While this was a quick read at times it felt as though it drug itself out. Hence the reason for four stars. I enjoyed the twist little tale.  Paul Bryce is the epitome of “curiosity killed the cat” or ” Be careful what you wish for”.

While the tale unfolded as I stated previously part did become a bit lagging. I want to now more of the townspeople and how they had coped with the past events but wasn’t really given much beyond they just don’t mention it.

I loved the unraveling events to Paul’s eagerness to want more. How he gave himself to a cause only he felt was one that need to be solved.

I was pleased with the ending but als felt a bit that it was possibly left open. So a slight cliffhanger but not a full on cliffhanger.

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