Book Review: Coin Toss (First and Ten Series: Featuring Jeremy Savage), Brian Amado

Coin Toss40760531

By: Brian Amado

Published: July 2nd 2018

Length: 268 Pages

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Jeremy Savage, an 8th grade quarterback phenom, has just been given the offer of a lifetime from Coach Robert Fletcher, a local icon, to come and play football for him at St. Michael’s Preparatory, the best football program in the state. As Jeremy struggles with this choice, the decision becomes increasingly difficult for him as situations arise in which the deep bonds he has with his friends become stronger and stronger. While Jeremy continues to work through his thoughts and feelings, it becomes apparent that there are other forces at play which have a vested interest in his decision. Will he ultimately elect to attend St. Michael’s? Or, will he stay with his friends at Centerville High and attempt to become a local legend?


Coin Toss is definitely a book written for a younger mind meaning early teens that I did enjoy it, I just think with the writing style and the simplicity of the language it seems that would be appropriately age for that group. But as an adult I still found enjoyment within the sports novel.

I have read sports novels in the past but compared to Coin Toss I wonder if I could even hold them to the same level of involvement. Coin Toss is hands down a sports novel to the fullest. With terms, players and plays being thrown at you. Even for someone like me who lacks any recognition of sports knowledge was able to not only follow along but pick up a few pointers to add to my sport requiem.

Following a very gifted 8th graded Jeremy Savage is thrown into a dream scenario that any talent would want. The problem is with this comes sacrifices that he would have to make.

I loved learning about all the boys on the team and watching their bond as friends and teammates grow as the novel came to a conclusion.

My only real fault I could find was that I wish I had more of chance to know the other players because as we got to meet them I wanted more of their back story as to how they came about.

I do hope that this series continues to grow and plants a firm landing with today youth not just football fans but just youths in general I think Amazon has found as great balance between story and life lessons that would resonate with them.

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