Book Review: The Pacifist (The Ruh Series Book 1), M.S. Uddin

The Pacifist’s Sword 

By: M.S. Uddin41633489

Published: September 9th 2018

Length: 283 Pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


The first of a series of dystopian thrillers – Set in a 22nd century London, after the fall of the internet; the division of society; the decimation of culture; the destruction of history. After the Great Cyber War and the rise of the White Arrow Party. London has changed.

​Arthur cleans the streets of Whitechapel by day and reads illegal journals by night. After discovering the remains of a woman’s mutilated body he notices the similarities between this new killer and the infamous Jack The Ripper. But how will a pacifist deal with a violent psychopath?

Tina, an eighteen-year-old assassin of the famous Ruh Guild, moves to Whitechapel with the hopes of enjoying a quiet time away from her disturbing past. But as her path intertwines with Arthur’s, her duty as a Peacekeeper is forced into the fray.

Together can they stop history from repeating itself?


Let’s just start with the synopsis and how amazing of a synopsis this truly is. If the was an award for best synopsis Uddin would win it without a doubt. But this is not a synopsis review (that would be silly) so let’s move on to what we all came here for the review of The Pacifist’s Sword.

You’re thrusted into this world that is all too familiar to a world the is currently evolving into a disastrous tone. Take that an add the Berlin Wall and the vibe of A Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood), just top it all off with the iconic Jack the Ripper’s murders. Really, it’s the best mashup of past and present events to come alive in the future fictional world. Ok what it really reminds me of is 1984 by George Orwell but with much more flare for today’s world.

The first quarter of the book thought was a tad overbearing for me. I know that we need to have the past to get to the now point but trying to keep it straight wasn’t the easiest for me. It almost felt like I was trying to solve a word problem and I wasn’t making the right connection. Then towards the end you’re thrown a lot of new faces and I just didn’t feel there was enough for them, but perhaps that was the point to draw us into book two?

The plot was exceptional. The timeframe of eventful tales and cast development where spot on and set the pace for an easy quick read. (Which I did during a 24hr readathon.)

My final words any fan of a dystopian based book need this added to their TBR.

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  1. Many times books want to set you up with a backstory but do a bad job of it. I am not sure if you are saying this the case here. I almost want to say let me see for myself. I would, of course, read the book because I like fantasy.

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