Short Story Review: Blackwater Pharmacy, JD Clair

Blackwater Pharmacy419Bqt+QDkL._SY346_

By: JD Clair41582440

Length: 40 Pages

Published: August 30th 2018

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


The gates of Hell are opened by a mysterious drug in a port town called Blackwater, where the fog and the rain meet at the shore between two voids … the void above, and the void below.

When Tom Cameron ventures to Blackwater Pharmacy seeking the only thing that will give him solace, he finds himself thrust into unimaginable horrors, caught between the sight of the spirit and the filter of flesh.

As he fights to figure out which is his true reality, forces led by the unholiest of faiths close in. Can Tom save himself from the horrible atrocities that haunt him, or will he become another victim of the demonic god’s faithful congregation?


I have never subjected body to what is classified as a hard-core drug. I have never had a bad trip or such. But reading Blackwater Pharmacy felt as though I was living through one.

While the short quickly progressed to the effect of the cruel demonizing world that Clair created. It was still exceptional journey to have taken.

At the completion of the story I was left in bewilderment, it was never really answered weather or not this story followed a bad trip, or the drug just brought out the world and what it really looks like when you not hungover in a glazed society.

The creature/ demons varied in different forms which I found to satisfying as each creature added more depth to the plot.

This is a quick read, one hour at the most. Perfect for a palate cleanser or to test out you gag reflex.

10 thoughts on “Short Story Review: Blackwater Pharmacy, JD Clair

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  1. Oh wow those book covers! Scary. A long time ago I loved in a town called Blackwater… not this place but still… this sounds like quite an intense read.


  2. Oh no, just a look on the cover made me realize
    that it’s a thriller or horror and I don’t like that genre because I get scared easily 😭 but I’m glad that u enjoyed this!


  3. My daughter and I were both looking at this, and commented on the covers- she thinks they are cool and I think they could give me nightmares. Great review.


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