The First Year


Can you guess what today it?


So I don’t know what is suppose to be included in a blogiversary post. I’ve seen some throughout my year. Some shared their experiences, some shared their stats and some just announce it’s there blogiversary. I am hosting some giveaways on SAR Facebook Page (Giveaways Ended). Because I still haven’t figured out giveaways on the blog. But I have learned lots of other great stuff.

Like that IĀ  love CANVA. I made all my imagines seen on this blog. I learned how to add GIFs although I don’t really use them. I can if I want to now.Ā  giphyAnd now seems like a good time.

SAR has advanced on to using Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Honestly though Twitter and Pinterest still confuse me. Ok Pinterest really has me lost. But I’m sure over time and with the help of other Bloggers I’ll get the hang of it.

That is another thing I have learned. That while Bloggers are all pretty much in competition with each other to get their blog spotted, if you have a question or are in need of help they have your back. They become united to help each other succeed. It’s such a great community. And I am so thankful for all their help and support that they have all provided me.

To the readers of this blog, I don’t think I could thank you enough for taking time out of your day for me, to read, to like, share or comment. Any time you’ve spent with me is appreciated.

So… Thank you. Here is to another year.

11 thoughts on “The First Year

Add yours

  1. congratulations on one year. Yes, it does help to have other bloggers on your side. I’m glad people help me because quite frankly I get lost too.


  2. Happy blogiversary! I love all your pointers and I totally agree about the ever helpful blogging community. Keep up with the good work.


  3. Happy blogiversary! That is an accomplishment. I hope you are reaping the success for sticking it out. I just started back with my blog, how do you add gifs?


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