The Life continues

So the life aspect of the blog has been seriously lacking.

Why ?

Simply because I have been living it. Well when my mind isn’t wandering off into some fictional characters world.

But school is now back in session. I’m one child short at home. Three of the four are now back to student life. With one of them being a first timer. One left to go until I have 7+ hours to my daily.

And since the summer is winding down I thought I’d share with you a little bit about how it went.

There were books, plenty of books. We did a lot of library programs. What better way to beat the heat than spend it at the library. Between my four kids I’d say we became regulars like every other day regulars. Sometimes visiting twice a day.

My four kids + my niece

While not at the library, we hiked and jumped in local watering holes. We found several new favorites that were nominated by the children as need to be repeated for next year. They got most excited about the trails we crossed with water or any kind of critters.



At the library we met Corduroy, Princess Brooke of Dutch Wonderland (the local amusement park princess) and even a pirate as guest readers during story time. DSCF5142 (2)Kindergarten classes were offered to prepare the soon to be students. And we even had the chance to meet a large amount of reptile friends. The children also loved meeting to extremely friendly Alpacas who came to visit as well.

While the youngest enjoyed these the oldest two enjoyed a variety of programs geared towards their age group.

They enjoyed programs such as playwriting and CSI classes. My oldest daughter participated in creating Glass art, rocks of kindness and Art Rocks (art related book projects). My son was a first timer at teen anime and help create the slide show for teddy bear sleepover (The younger kids dropped off their stuffy’s for the weekend and boy did they cause a scene when the patrons left). Together the two participated in Lunch Bunch. Pack a lunch, eat at the library and be introduced to influential people of our community.

While not at the library, we hiked and jumped in local watering holes ( I know I mentioned that already). This summer my husband focused on teaching our children about edible mushrooms native to PA.

40472892_1833394036776362_4776867119146991616_n40478455_250444602471156_5259550185414983680_n (1)40493948_2034787663218585_6249622159543500800_n

And boy did they retain a lot of information and find a lot of mushroom thanks to the rainy season we had.


Now throughout all this we finish renovating our attic into a useable space, which has become an additional bedroom. Now our oldest girl has her own room and the youngest two girls have a huge amount of room for them to grow into. My son still continues to have his own space but has moved up to hanging “hot” girls on the wall.

So that’s the gist minus the BBQ’s and reunions.

So that was the summer life of the woman who always reads.

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  1. Kids have that affect on us. Then they become teenagers ( mine are 17 and 18) and get friends and significant others, then they don’t want to hang out with us anymore. My 12 year old is showing signs of mom boredom and doesn’t want to be seen in public with me. She used to love going to the library and the park. Now she wants to go to friends’ houses and stay home leaving me to my own devices.


  2. I miss those days when my children were children. It sounds like you gave them some great experiences and adventures during the summer holidays.


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