Graphic Novel Review: The Flash Vol. 1: Move Forward, Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

The Flash Vol. 1: Move Forward13533744

By: Francis Manapul (Writer, Artist),                       Brian Buccellato (Writer, Colourist)

Length: 192 pages

Published: November 13th 2012

Rating: four-stars


Struck by a bolt of lightning and doused in chemicals, Central City Police scientist Barry Allen was transformed into the fastest man alive. Tapping into the energy field called The Speed Force, he applies a tenacious sense of justice to protect and serve the world as The Flash!

The Flash knows he can’t be everywhere at once, but he has seemingly met his match when he faces DC Comic’ hottest new Super Villain, Mob Rule, who really can be everywhere at once!

As Mob Rule wages a campaign of crime across Central City, including an electromagnetic blast that plunges the city into darkness, The Flash learns the only way he can capture Mob Rule and save Central City is to learn how to make his brain function even faster than before—but as much as it helps him, it also comes with a steep price

A Look Inside:


Overall the comic of The Flash was a good book here’s what I thought of it.

Why I liked it, it told everything that you needed to know about the book to find out the mystery’s yourself. So, you had the feeling that it was coming and something awesome was about to happen but there’s a twist in the story with Mr. Freeze that changes the whole storyline. And you get the feeling that you don’t want to finish the book, but you do want to finish the book at the same. Because you want to know what happens like, oh no something really bad just happened to the Flash is he going to make it out alive. And the imagery of the book is so good you can see every detail even like when flash goes into a time force you can see what the time force visually is like. It doesn’t just say Flash went through the timeline on the next page you can see it.

But although it’s a good book there are some bad things about it to. For example, the words that they used could have been changed up every now and then. And they don’t add everyone that you see in the TV shows/Movies. But the book has more details than the shows/movies. And the words sometimes don’t really match up with the images in the comic.

But the pages where the words match up with the pictures are really good. And the storyline is interesting with lots of twist and turns and that is what I would say it makes the Flash a good graphic novel overall that I suggest you read if you read it hope you like it.


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  1. I need to find some of these. My kids are obsessed with the Flash TV series at the moment and I bet they’d love to read the graphic novels.


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