Poetry Review: Scattered Constellations, Ankita Singh

Scattered Constellations40549410

By: Ankita Singh

Length: 80 Pages

Published: July 31st 2018

Rating:three-stars 1/2


Words tumble out, with no pause;
From the pen, my anelace,
That I hold so graciously,
(In awe of its majesty, its power)
In my hand.

They form thoughts, hopes and musings;
Reflect my soul, my entire being,
And spread across the page,
Like scattered constellations
Across the sky.

(Scattered Constellations is a YA Free Verse Poetry collection.)


Reading the thoughts of another is a powerful feeling to have, it allows you the chance to become part of a person’s world that you may never physically know. That is what poetry is to me.

I believe the Singh beautifully demonstrated her world for the world in quick short poems that then became gathered to form Scattered Constellations.

Unfortunately for me  the words seemed at times to be more of ramblings as oppose to being poetry. And yes I do understand that it is in the form of Free Verse.

I enjoyed more than a few of the poems. And I think this is a great debut  to introduce herself. I just wished it was more polished. The poems range in order from love, self discovery, praises for a loved one, to brokenness. It was an up and down roller coaster of feelings. Maybe that is what Ankita intended. Maybe they were placed in an order to symbolize the chronological events of her life. I’m not really sure.




21 thoughts on “Poetry Review: Scattered Constellations, Ankita Singh

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  1. I love poetry and the way that it can speak to each individual. I’ll have to put this on my list of books to check out! Thanks for the share!


  2. I study poem in University years and always think it is hard to understand. But I guess I needed to explore more and hope to enjoy them one day. I believe poem help to demostrated the picture better.


  3. The reviews are great! I have read some poems and I like it. It’s like it’s within you. It is way of showing your thoughts. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I love collecting poems a lot but never tried to read a book of poems but your review sounds really great and by that it gives me an interesting to look for this book.


  5. I would totally enjoy this book. I love poetry, it can have different meanings for every individual. I would definitely check this book out.


  6. This is so cool! 80 pages of poems! You must be really like poetry aside from reading. I haven’t read a book that’s poetry alone though. But I certainly agree it puts you to the person’s shoes while reading and that’s how magical imagination is or our brain is.


  7. This is beautiful! I was actually just thinking about this when I listened to a song my friend wrote. It really made me see him in a different light and understand his vulnerability in a different way. Beautiful poem!


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