Book Review: Reign (Skull Reneged, Book 1), Elizabeth Knox


By: Elizabeth Knox

Published: May 5th 2017

Length: 342 pages

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Agent Elena Johnson of the FBI is feeling justifiably pissed. After catching her fiancé in the arms of another woman, the young, fiery agent finds herself feeling like she’s wasted her time with a man she was prepared to spend her life with.

Now, back in action and on a fresh assignment, she’s got a chance to vent all that pent-up anger. Going undercover and slipping amongst the seedy Skulls Renegade Gang, Elena’s prepared to bring some motorcycle-riding do-badders to some much needed justice…

Until she finds herself connecting with the outlaws she’s sworn to take down.

Realizing that these are not the evil monsters that the government believes them to be, Agent Johnson’s mission slips into a gray area—torn evenly between love and hate. On the one hand, there’s the sexy motorcycle club president, Reed, a man who has her challenging her convictions and her career. Then, on the other, there’s rival MC’s leader, a childhood acquaintance who she’s sworn a debt of revenge against.

Split between two desires, Agent Elena Johnson can be sure of only one thing:

How dangerous it will be if her cover is blown.


Hot holy hell. This book was just what I need in the hot steamy Romance Genre. Mixed with the compelling storyline of Biker and FBI I found the story to be comical, action packed and fueled with scenes to makes your panties drop.

It’s been awhile since I became engrossed in a novel I knew up front would be filled with steamy scenes. I am glad to be back and full throttled with the Skull Renegade series.

While the pace was quick often skipping ahead 3 weeks at a time, a full story was created while allowing the reader to fill in the blank of the missing timeframe.

The characters developed quickly and while the romance department happen sight on seen it worked well and became more defined as a relationship that not only lasted just based on physical appearance.

Testing the limits of the biker realm and rewriting what negative image they do have. Adding the twist of the that became just a mind-boggling jaw dropping intense ride.

The journey also concludes with one ending while introducing us to our next heroine that will lead the way in book two.

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