My Book Heroes, Customizable books for big imaginations

Not every book  is the same. Not every story will capture your heart. Especially for young39167101_667914360255844_5377267267539042304_n children. Finding an engaging story with awesome pictures that will picked up by my very picky 5-year-old, who defined herself as Ninja Turtle Power Ranger butterfly rescuer is not an easy task. But when the opportunity came to turn my active imaginative child into a character, how could one say no.

From the mouth of my five-year ” I love everything about it.”

At first she thought I was just gifting her with a new book. In our house that nothing new. I’m always handing out books to my kids. But when we sat and read the story that is when she realized she was a character. Let’s just say the smile on face was bigger then the Impossible Possible Teams Journey.

I loved that while the story was intriguing and my little one thought she was just being read a random story, underneath it all was a lesson on believing in oneself. Setting goals, following steps and finding your inner strength. Now MyBook Heroes offer several different books which I’m sure will only expand with the business.



As a parent, I could wait to gift her with Discover the Determination in You. While I adore everything about my child and watching her grow. She is starting Kindergarten later this month and  well she is very nervous. This was perfect timing, with the perfect words to encourage her to try her hardest at the obstacle of school.

The colors, the illustration are magnificently done that she is and I are always finding something new to point out. The creatures on our far planet that we journey to are all very friendly. They are also done in a way that found to be child like. Almost like a creature created from a child’s drawing but spruced up.

My only downfall was that, I only got one book. And my three-year old was not very happy that she did not have her own book. So come christmas I plan on order multiple copies, my child and my nieces & nephews.Capture1

MyBook Heroes the Company

Their Message

Children are amazing creatures with unlimited untapped potential.

We might not yet know the depth of their full developed abilities.

We know we love them, we know they are incredible little fireballs, but their potential is unknown until we unleash it.

It is a long process, it takes a lot of love, a lot of tools and a lot of people.

We are parents, and we are creating our series of books as a tool you can use to show your kid that within them lies a hero.

Their Mission

Empowering children as early as possible to be the best version of themselves.

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  1. Children should start to read as soon as possible and it will benefit them so much later. Glad that you have included the mybookheroes youtube, good to know that it has included few secret skills and critical tips for the children.

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