Book Review: That Night, Cecily Wolfe

That Night35082580

By: Cecily Wolfe

Published: July 4th 2017

Length:165 pages

Rating: four-stars


Drug overdoses don’t happen to girls with good grades and athletic prowess, with longtime friends and a devoted boyfriend. Or do they?

When high school seniors Cassidy and Sarah, along with Kayla’s boyfriend Paul, discover their best friend Kayla unconscious at a party, the idea that they have lost her to a heroin overdose is unbelievable. She didn’t use drugs, except the pain medicine prescribed for a soccer injury, and she had no reason to accept any from a stranger. The month that follows her death is filled with anxiety, sadness, frustration, and questions. Answers won’t bring Kayla back, however, so as Cass and Sarah struggle with the insensitive but predictable behavior of parents, classmates, and teachers, Paul falls into a depression that leads him down a dangerous path. With Kayla’s younger sister Mia in mind, the three of them work towards forging ahead without the girl who has held them together since elementary school.

That Night


I read several works by Wolfe, and each of them I found to be very endearing. Wolfe has away of bring teen life to words. That Night. I knew I was going to be getting a deep and meaningful story just based on the synopsis, blurb, summary if you will. And She delivered.

She delivered a story with truth, honesty and the reality that is now, then and the future. What I wasn’t prepared for was the depth in which I journeyed too. I expected a story of what had happened and why it happened. Bada bing Bada Boom. This was not that.

Wolfe opened up to a world of many different healings. I was left with the feeling of wanting to pick up the phone and call my best friend and remind her how important she is to me.

Kayla’s death was sudden. While we faced her death and were left with the open question of why, we saw the aftermath. The lives of those Kayla had left behind. The aftermath of how coping isn’t the same for everyone. How people can be cruel, they can be kind and they can be broken.

We follow Kayla’s best friends Cassidy and Sarah, Paul the boyfriend, Mia the younger sister and Danny the house it happened at, the closest. But neatly tucked away you a get a glimpse of the soccer team, her parents, other kids parents, coaches and school officials. A lot happens within That Night besides the main premise of the novel.

It’s a very complex story but it the most positive way. I think that because of how real the situation is, the complexity is all to understanding.

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