Short Story Review: Cotton Tale, E.C. Fisher

Cotton Tale

By: E.C. Fisher40863211

Published: July 17th 2018

Length: 60 pages

Rating: four-stars


A private jet violently crash-lands on a deserted island. Captain Newton and his stewardess Rebecca are reluctantly forced to band together with the Vanderbach family as a means of survival.

They soon discover the island holds a dark secret the mainland has kept hidden since the 70s. Something monstrous was genetically engineered nearly forty years ago that even nature couldn’t destroy. Now it stalks the group as they venture further into the jungle in search of rescue and escape.

Can the group of misfit survivors manage to work together to find a way off the island? As the tension, suspense, and horror rise, they realize time is not on their side … the ravenous creations are drawing closer, and their appetite is insatiable.

Cotton Tale


What happens when Gilligan’s Island meets Lost? Cotton Tale happens. For those people who don’t read books but tend to lean towards the tube. That is the best way I could describe Cotton Tale. Oh and while you’re at it throw  some Gremlin into the mix.

I know, now I sound like an insane person. And honestly after reading the terror that Fisher creates you may think you are. It starts off seemingly innocent but quickly picks up in pace. And bravo to Fisher for epically describing the descent and fall that lands us on our glorious island that is out to destroy.

I really couldn’t get enough of this short. I read it quickly. I went back and read some of my favorite scenes again and then I skimmed it to get to the gore. I may not be a big fan of the horror genre ( I’m a pansy usually) but the flow, the pace and the depiction that  comes with Cotton Tale was a much smoother ride for me then it was for the characters of the book.

All I can say is that if you haven’t read Cotton Tale and you are a horror fan then you should really  pick this up.

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