Book Review: Time Crawlers, Varun Sayal

Time Crawlers40540847

By: Varun Sayal

Length: 100 Pages

Published: June 15th 2018

Rating: four-stars


Billions of universes run slightly parallel to our own universe; worlds full of infinite possibilities. There are many humans living in those parallel worlds, leading their lives, in a very similar way to how we are leading ours. But their respective realities differ from ours in some very peculiar ways.
Inhabitants of some worlds have already been visited and are being ruled by aliens. Some traveled through time, back and forth, and some have taken their space exploration to advanced stages using their powerful spaceships. Some created ruthless artificial intelligences that are fulfilling dark, human desires. Some developed advanced weapons technologies thousands of years before we did.
I believe a writer’s brain can somehow tap into this multitude of universes and take a peek into the events happening in each of them. This book, composed of six stories, is my attempt to narrate to you tales from six different parallel universes. These stories are events that my brain somehow tapped into and captured in detail.
Let me know if your unconscious mind visited the same universes as mine.

No attacks, no blood-shed, yet there was an invasion and a conquest. Who are these shape-shifting aliens being hounded by an eclipse?

Death by Crowd
The dark desires of the masses; darknet websites fueled by a crypto-currency. What lurks in the background – an advanced artificial intelligence?

He rubbed a lamp alright, but what he got was the shock of his life. An entirely sci-fi take on the djinn myth.

Time Crawlers
There are individuals who existing in multiple time periods at once, and there are those who know about them….

The Cave
The fate of an advanced imperial race hangs in balance as a dark celestial entity meets a legendary protector.

Nark-astra, The Hell Weapon
The weapons he possesses make him the destroyer of worlds, and he burns for revenge. A high-tech take on ancient Indian mythology.


So Time Crawlers consisted of 6 short stories. I loved that this was an easy read but I wish the a few of the shorts were expanded on and hoped them to be a full novel. Because  the shorts were written in such a way that I was left wanting more of a few the universes in which Sayal crafted.

Each short brought you to a new creation that was well thought of and worded so that you just kept reading. I enjoyed the different formatting that was use, while some were told in story like way other were revealed through the way of interview. It was very appealing. But like I stated before sometimes I just wanted it to continue even though I thrown into another  environment or time.

Sci-fi isn’t my go to genre. But I think with it be broken down into what almost seemed like taster stories allowed me just enough to want to dip my toes in even further.

Each story offered a different event. None the events to correlate with one another. No two stories felt like the same meaning dialects or tone. The characters were vastly different in appearance and personalities.

I would say that Death by Crowd ( Scary to think that a world would allow this), Genie ( perfect for those who love sarcasm and quick wit) along with Time Crawlers ( leaves you pondering just how much we as humans may not actually know) where my top favorites. Not say that the other were bad. They were not by any means. But those three just really stood out to me.



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  1. Thanks a lot for putting your time into this wonderful review Cia. I am so happy you loved the stories. I am currently working on my next project which will be a full novel with Time Travel as a major theme and paranormal and mythology as sub-genres. I will reach out to you with a copy in a few months and if you have some time, I would love your take on that too.

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