Book Review: The Genius (Men of the North #6), Elin Peer

The Genius39356602

By: Elin Peer

Length: 308 pages

Published: June 21, 2018

Rating: five-stars


With three degrees and the highest measured IQ in the Motherlands, Shelly Summers knows that she’s socially awkward. It doesn’t bother her since as the head engineer for Advanced Technologies she has little time for social interactions anyway.

When she learns that one of the testers for the sex-bots her company manufactures is her old crush, Marco, she’s curious to see if he’ll recognize her now that she’s ten years older and no longer has bushy eyebrows and a bad case of acne.

A normal person would have said something when Marco doesn’t recognize her from his past. A normal person would definitely have said something when he mistakes her for an advanced sex robot and thinks his job is to do a test run.

Things are about to get very awkward for this genius…

The Genius is the sixth book in the series Men of the North that has readers raving about its perfect mix of love, action, wisdom, and humor.


Shelly Summers sure did live up to her quirky personality.  As with all of Peers books it would seem this one has followed the path of not your typical romances. If you looking for something the is a realistic love story this would not be for you. But if you are looking for a romance novel that will leave you guessing, amused and wondering just what out genius Shelly is going to get herself into next then yes you’ll love this one.

Keep in mind that this is book 6 of the Men of the North Series. Personally I think this could easily be read as a standalone, but I’d strongly recommend that it be read in order just so you get a round about knowledge of the cast that is presented to you.

Marco and Shelly’s relationships starts way back in book one but as they are the teachers assistants for a new integration school. Marco being Shelly’s senior see her and her brainy features as a child and nothing more than almost a pest. Poor Shelly though like most young girls has a crush on the one person who see her as just an awkward teen girl trying to find her way through the teens years.

I did wonder how Peer was going to have the pair reunite. I was extremely pleased with the reunification. While not traditional in any way, I admire Peer for stepping out the boxes and amping up the boundaries level. Again I can not reiterate this enough, this is not your typical romance.

The futuristic setting I enjoyed but I wish more elements were added beyond what we had already had, drones sex-bot and wrist-bands. Not that the depiction of these element where a let down. But there were a few added developments. I guess I was just looking for more.

The catch up of our past cast from Books 1-5 (the Adults who all played a role in setting up the school) was amazing inputted into the story line. The children who attended the first year of the integration school (Books 6- 10 I believe) had a slight role within the book so you can see who the growth of all them. We also got a glimpse into Willow and Solo story which will be the focal of Book 7 The Dancer.

Overall this was a stunningly written book, that will leave you filled with more laughter, eye rolls, and comical relief that could be read in one sitting.



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