Review: Sin and Cider (Sweet Sinners #1), Kimberly Reese

Sin and Cider35857147

By: Kimberly Reese

Length: 296 Pages

Published: May 30th 2017

Rating: three-stars


A lot can change in six years.
Take me, for instance.
I uprooted my small town life to move to Chicago, went to college, and grew up. Too bad I belatedly realized something was missing.
Determined to find myself again, I quit my job and head back to my family’s apple orchard to do some soul-searching.

A lot can also stay the same.
Case in point: my brother’s best friend, Lawson Westbrook.
Still charming. Still ridiculously handsome. Still an expert at making my heart race in an achingly familiar way.
His desire-filled eyes and seductive promises tempt me to take him up on his offer for a sinful summer.

Lawson may see me differently, but my heart’s still vulnerable.
Something’s brewing between us, but I don’t know if it’s happiness or heartbreak. 


What I wanted I did not get. While I wasn’t overly in love with the book it wasn’t exactly a complete and utter disappointment either. But overall the dislike seemed to mount higher than the like column.

I enjoyed the banter between Lawson and Mac, but I found the core of the scenes (those hot and steamy ones) to be a bit hit and miss. Some I found to be written with the perfect finesse while others   become overly complicated to imagine with the extra added details of every movement and limb. It almost became a tad puzzely for me.

The other down fall I seemed to have that really stuck out to me was how everyone appears to look impeccably perfect. It’s amazing how one person can have so many good-looking single men surrounding them. With all the alpha testosterone flying around its amazing the cider remained part of the story. But despite the pure perfection in the physical appearance the characters seemed to be flawed in the best of possible way. Meaning that it didn’t really appear they were flawed.

But if you looked past all that and skipped over the heavily vetted sexual encounters the actual story line wasn’t half bad. A young woman trying to find her path in life is essentially what it is. I found it to be an okay telling of a girl finally getting the guy she always wanted (well maybe she got him).

The greatest accomplishment I felt this book had to offer was that I felt as though I had traveled down south. Reading the words on paper easily translated into my mind with a southern accent. The characters voices came to life almost instantly. And while they all are from the same place and have the drawl each person vocalization became their own.

I would and could see myself venturing down the road with a Kimberly Reese book in hand.

20 thoughts on “Review: Sin and Cider (Sweet Sinners #1), Kimberly Reese

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  1. I have never tried to read this book but it looks interesting and a good book to read. I want to know more about the story of the characters if they are able to get what they want and how it will happen.

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  2. Appreciate the review, as I’m always looking for a good read to add to my list. I agree with you that sometimes authors get too descriptive and really take away from the story line. It’s almost like they’re trying too hard!

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  3. I enjoy books that I read in my head with an accent. (Out loud I cannot do accents but in my head I am great at them.) I think your review was really well written, and that you highlighted the positives and negatives really well.


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