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We live in a digital world. I know very cheesy opening line. But the fact still remains the same it is a digital world.

I recently was introduced to JF Illustrations M.V.B (Motion Video Books) and I instantly fell in love with what the company is promoting. What their goal is and what they wish to accomplish in the book world that no longer lives in paper format.

JF Illustrations takes your book and adds movement, sound, music and will even have it narrated by a professional actor. They bring your book to life. How great would it be to see a child on their tablet, their parents phone or any device watching your book. How awesome would it be to include a DVD with your book. Its opens up a whole new realm for the book industry.

Letter from John Finch creator of JF Illustrations


I truly love the concept of giving the ability to become engaged in a book to all of ages eve if it is in a video form. I love that a child has the ability to navigate this new world. So if you know an author in the children’s book field, pass the information along. Spread the word  and get the information out there.

If you are interested in turning your kids books into a motion video please feel free to email them at

Check out their Facebook page . Below is an example of their work.


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  1. What a lovely idea this is. I like the thought of bringing a book to life like this, especially if you’ve written something for your own children!


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