Short Story Review:A Diary of Sweet Revenge, E.C. Fisher

A Diary of Sweet Revenge36383449.jpg

By: E.C. Fisher

Length: 14 Pages

Published: October 8th 2017

Rating: four-stars


Samuel Walker has returned home to Kansas from Utah State College for the summer. He planned to just relax at home, chill with friends, and be as carefree as possible. That was until disaster struck Bartlesville, Oklahoma. A tornado ripped through the town leaving a path of destruction that many have called the worst to date. He collects supplies, loads them into his dad’s old green pickup and drives across the border to lend his assistance.

Arriving at the disaster zone was an eye opener for him to say the least. The hectic and chaotic scene was filled with many workers from the Red Cross and FEMA trying to prepare tents and beds for the incoming victims and those left homeless in the wake of this tragic event.

Taking the chance to lend a hand in searching for the current whereabouts of a local family, Samuel, along with Charlie, rides up to the Collins’ house to check on Mitch and his daughter Isabelle.

The scene was not pleasant, the entire second floor was torn away. They hurried to search for survivors, praying for the best. In the debris Samuel finds the diary belonging to Isabelle. Find out what she struggled with and her resolve.


Based on the title I was thinking I was going to get some type of murder/mystery, Actually what I got was an intense look into whats its like when dealing with the after effects of a disaster. The effects and mayhem that it can cause and how a community can come together to find those missing members.

Samuel who was looking for a bit of relaxation get caught up in a whirlwind of a ride of traveling deeper and upwards to the home that are not as easily to access in search of survivors.

In short you quickly get a glimpse into the adult the is forming as he uncovers the rubble that will define the story and the revenge that is not a murder by a man but a murder that saves the life of another.

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  1. Great review, ohh this books sure does looks and sounds really intense and very intriguing as well, I am glad you really enjoy this book fully. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post and for putting this book on my radar.


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