Book Review: Her Hollywood Boyfriend (The Awkward Duckling #2), K.R. Grace

Her Hollywood Boyfriend39681888

By: K.R. Grace

Length: 176 Pages

Published:  May 4, 2018

Rating: five-stars 


Macey Greere was the girl who fell in love with her book boyfriend. Now she is the girl who was dumped on national television. Ever the perpetual list maker, she decides to create and follow a 10-step program inspired by her favorite romance movies on how to get over heartbreak.

Of course, nothing ever goes as she plans.

He is Mr. Hollywood with the paparazzi stalkers to prove it. His goal is to have a normal, drama-free summer as a counselor for his little brother’s summer camp. That is, until he meets her.

He’s not part of the plan…or so she thinks.



Macey Greere, you have once again captured my heart in your efforts of finding love. I cannot get over the absolute feel good vibes that cascaded out of Her Hollywood Boyfriend. Following Macey journey through Her Book Boyfriend, I anticipated the continues of the love she had sought for but was deceived when Cam had failed Macey in the more disappointing of ways.

Grace developed a loveable well thought out cast. While keeping us updated on our previous members she introduced many lively new characters. Even Characters you were supposed to despise you couldn’t help but fall helplessly for.

This is yet another book in which I would gladly allow my pre-teen daughter to read but also one that any adult could easily find amusement with. While sex is discussed it is not graphic nor focal point of the book. The focal point of the book is watching Macey overcome her heartache from someone she thought could possible never hurt her, her best friend.

I thought that taking us away from Macey hometown to a camp like setting work wonders for the book allowing us to not only continue our journey but to learn more about our protagonist. Forcing her away from her usual surroundings to Camp Silver Star and her summer family allowed her character growth to be remarkable and growing from an ominous an older teen to a young adult by the time camp had ended. I think the added factor of her being a camp counselor at a camp for those with disabilities showed her maturity level.

I was enthralled with the plot from beginning to end. I adored this quick and easy read and look forward to what is to become of our Macey.

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