Life happens and it’s happening now

LifeLife happens and it’s happening now. While I always plan to do a minimum of 10 post per month (Self appointed goal), I just want to say that this month may not be there. It’s not that my reading has slowed down (not too much anyways) but life is happening.

I’m sure any of those with children know that it’s that time of the year when the children are no longer in school. For me that means stay at home mom of four kids. I also sit for a few and of course with kids comes their friends. My front yard looks something like this.


 Ok so maybe that’s a tad exaggerated, but that what it feels like.

Anyways, 4 kids to keep busy all summer long. Let’s just say thanks to my local library my kids are pretty booked with the many free activities that are offered. Bonus with my oldest two children I can drop and go.

But with all that I’ll still get reviews up plus bonus I’ve enlisted the help of my oldest two. How so? Well they will be joining this summer and writing review of their own. I figured it’ll keep their mind sharp for school. So, I hope you enjoy getting to meet them. They are working on creating their images (name & photo) that they’ll be using.

So in between swimming session at whatever waterhole we find, hikes on the many trails, vacation bible school, planning a dozen sleepovers, library…. You get the gist, it’s a busy time for my little people and me.

Here’s to summer vacation. Life happens and it’s happening now.


4 thoughts on “Life happens and it’s happening now

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  1. Broken up already for the summer! In the UK they break up at the end of July and go back at the beginning of September. Enjoy the summer, they grow so fast.


    1. Yes they are. In the US they get approximately 3 months off. As a child I loved it, as an adult I all for year round schooling.


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