Short Story Review: At the Pier, E.C. Fisher

At the Pier39404412.jpg

By: E.C. Fisher

Length: 9 Page

Published: March 23rd 2018

Rating: five-stars


During a day of grieving for his best friend, James Bennett took a stroll to the pier where they used to hang out. During his time of remembrance, Emily Marshall appeared. She is the little sister of the deceased. They share a moment together at the edge of the pier drinking a beer.


You’re probably thinking I’m crazy doing a review for 9 pages. Yeah, I know it may seem s a little silly, but what can I say. I have warned you all that I’ll read just about anything.

I picked up this little number on Amazon. FYI its part of Kindle Unlimited.

While the story is extremely short, it a sweet little heart warmer that will leave you feeling all sorts of mushy love-dovie inside. Seriously, if you have like 10 minutes to spare, need a break from what you’re currently reading or just don’t want to dive into something that’s going to require your entire day or more than this is perfect.

It’s about finding more when you thought more was no longer an option. You really do get the ability to know the characters within the pages.

My only downfall for this short, is that it was a short. I’m hoping this is just a part 1 or teaser of what’s to come. But E.C. Fisher did not disappoint with this number.

14 thoughts on “Short Story Review: At the Pier, E.C. Fisher

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    1. I understand, some shorts are very lacking and run to quick. This one gave the aire of being almost like a quick preview. Which I am so hoping it was.


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