Duplicate Books…Why I have them.

I recently was going through my bookshelf. I do this often as sometimes I forget what titles I have. Sometimes I just like to run my fingertips over the spines. But most of the time it’s to remind me of all the great words I have yet to read.

My friend once asked me “Why do you have two of these? It’s the same book isn’t it? Can I have it?”

My duplicates

Now this got me really thinking. Do I need two of the same book? How did I end up with duplicates of that one? So I pulled my duplicates, see them there above. Even though they share a title with another, they all have a different reason why I have a duplicate.

1: Love & Respect, Emerson Eggerichs ~ This was actually a recommended to both me and my husband by I believe, it was his  first sergeant. He recommended it to all his married soldiers prior to their first deployment. We needed two. His & Her.

2: Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard ~ The red Red Queen well its limited edition, it even has pictures in it. The blue is the original.

3: A Walk to Remember, Nicholas Sparks ~ One is a hardback original cover and the smaller one is paperback movie cover.

4: The Hills Report, Shawn Sprague ~ So this one has it’s only little story. I won a copy on Goodreads. Now I haven’t had these too long. There was a delay in them being sent out and the author provided me with three copies. One copy for myself and two to pass along. The predicament; I haven’t read the book so I don’t know who to pass it on too. I want to pass it on to someone who will help this up and coming author, by at least posting a review and I personally, don’t have people like that in my real life. (So if you would like a copy, I will give the first two people to contact me here, I’ll gladly ship one out to you. US only, sorry 😦 All I ask is that when you finish reading leave him a review wherever you review at.)

5: The Faults in Our Stars, John Green ~ The paper back I got in a box set, so obviously I can’t separate them because then the box would have a gaping hole in it from the book being missing. But the hardback was only $1, so how could I turn that down, plus it’s so pretty with it’s glossy book jacket.

6: Once We Were, Kat Zhang ~ Anyone who gets physical advance reader copies know the trademark spine date. One of these is an advance readers copy (ARC). I did not ask for this book it was sent to me off a used book site. When I received it, I contacted them. Mainly for the fact that I ordered a hardback but received a paperback. I also informed them that ARC’s are not to be sold. Now they sell books that are dropped off in bins, I can’t even begin to imagine the overflow of ARC’s the must get. They apologized, refunded me and also sent out my hardback copy.

So there you have, the reason I have duplicates. So to my friends that ask “Can I have it?” No you can not, they are mine, I am greedy and I love them.

Do you have any duplicates? If you do, what are you reasons for it?


18 thoughts on “Duplicate Books…Why I have them.

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  1. hahahahahaha, that last line xD

    As far as I remember, I don’t have any duplicates. But once, at my friend’s house, I saw that she had duplicates of the book Flipped and I asked her why she had two copies. She flew to the bookshelf and exclaimed that it was her private stuff and personal business. Slow-minded me was a bit baffled and just let it slide. Fast-forward a month later and it’s my birthday. And guess what? Yep, turns out that duplicate was my birthday gift that I’d unintentionally stumbled upon! Let me tell you I sure have a knack of ruining surprises, partly cuz of my ‘curiosity/nosiness’ and partly my luck 😛


  2. I once had three copies of the same book because I am forgetful and on three separate occasions I was in a supermarkets book section, picked it up, read the synopsis and liked it so bought it. I really enjoyed this article.


  3. I only tend to have duplicates because I have either lost the book, bought another one and then found the original. Forgot I had the original one, or because an author decides to send me more than one copy – although I often end up giving one away as a giveaway then.


    1. I tried to give out the multiple copy one I received but I still have two copies of it 😦 and my friends/family are not big readers. I think they are destined to go to my local library.


  4. WIth some books at home, my mom or sister has a Hungarian translation and I have a copy in English.There are also some books I got second hand and I would not give away that copy because it’s special but I’d like to buy a shiny, newly printed edition, too ❤

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