Book Review: Even If It Breaks Me, Dominique Laura

Even If It Breaks Me38622718

By: Dominique Laura

Length: 212 pages

Published:  April 13th 2018

Rating: three-stars


At fourteen years old, I loved him.
So hard it hurt.
I loved him, but love isn’t what it was.
It was a game, a lie. And I would never be the same.
I fell in love with a liar, and when the truth was uncovered, he left my heart shattered and never looked back.
So I didn’t either. I moved on, went to college, and I lived my life without him, pushing thoughts of him away whenever they tried to break through the bubble I had created for myself.
I was twenty-four when he came back into my life, a month before I was set to marry someone else, someone who had pieced together the broken parts he had left behind.
I shouldn’t have agreed to meet with him, but I did. I had to.
My heart broke all over again.
My head and heart were officially at war.
I had a choice to make, and it should have been easy, but it wasn’t. Because whatever choice I made, head or heart, I knew it would break me.


When I read the synopsis of this book I knew it was one I wanted to read. I wanted to read it so badly I bumped it way up on my list and cut it into the middle of a book I was currently reading. It didn’t take me long to finish. It most definitely didn’t feel like it was a 200+ page book either.

The bad news is that I didn’t write the review up after reading it but 24 hours later and I had to go back and remind myself of the characters names and even what they had looked like. Yikes!!!

All I could remember was our female lead (Jade) was the naivest girl even for 14 that has ever crossed my path, male #1 (Sebastian/ Tian) had dimples and male #2 (Dylan) well he had amazing eyes. It seemed these three points were stressed repeatedly. Well not for Jade, her actions alone spoke for her. I found it a bit redundant.

The development of the story came in quickly. Following Jade’s point of view of a young teen to a young adult. Which really didn’t seem as though much growth was made during that time frame.

The plot though was interesting enough to me that I continued the book. I wanted to know what was going to become of Jade and her first love. This was not your standard love at first sight story and that is what really intrigued me. Often authors have an instant-connection and walla happily ever after here we come. But, that was not the case with Even If it Breaks Me.

Would I read this again? I probably would. It wasn’t poorly written, while the flow was a quick pace at least that was steady through the book. The timeline was always spot on and Laura never mixed up details or events. It was an easy read, just not the most memorable.

16 thoughts on “Book Review: Even If It Breaks Me, Dominique Laura

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  1. Looks like the book was worth reading. Although maybe not the best book you’ve ever read, interesting enough to give it a go and finish it. Seems like something I could try reading, although you had to remind yourself the names of the characters before writing the review. Maybe it wasn’t so fascinating…


  2. I too wanted to know what was going on with Jade and her first love, did they really get together and have a happy ending? I doubt so… but still I wanted to find out how it ends.


  3. The synopsis is really good, it definitely hooks the reader in to wanting to pick up the book. Im glad to read it is one you would read again!


    1. It had me hooked that for sure. And yes, while it wasn’t memorable it was still a good book to read to pass time with.


  4. It sounds like this might be a fabulous beach day kind of book. I’m always looking for quick reads for those days.


  5. I’ll be totally honest, the title really intrigued me! BUT, alas, the synopsis really turned me off. That’s not the kind of story that appeals to me. When you said this is not a memorable read, I was convinced this one is not for me.

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  6. The plot is really interesting and I am sure I will read this book as soon as possible. Because I think I also share a quality of yours of start reading a book which have the most interesting plot even if I have to leave sone other book unfinished for a while..

    Liked by 1 person

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