Time to know more about me…

Q&AI’m going to start with probably the 2 question I am asked the most when it comes to book relations.


Question 1:

How do you find time to read so much?


Honestly, I don’t think I read enough. I can tell you that my reading doesn’t just consist of reading book, I’ve recently found myself enjoying Audiobooks as well. So now I can drive while counting towards my reading goal. I read before bed, and before the kids get up to start their day. Whenever I leave the house my Kindle goes with me allowing me to read while waiting to pick up or drop off a child as whatever activity they find themselves in. Appointments allow me a quiet waiting room to read while waiting to be seen or the kids. And with four kids, between Doctors and Dentist we have at least one appointment a month. Lets not forget any school related appointment.  I read during meal time. We are a family who sits in front of the TV for meals with the exception of holidays. But, since I don’t enjoy the same films as my children I’ll read then. I read  while waiting for meals to cooks, those ones that require more attention then I normally would provide.

Our local Library has an amazing space for children to play and learn so when I really want to get reading done, I head there with my youngest two, they play, learn and meet new friends. While I sit back and read a good book and know that my kids are in a safe play area where I can keep an eye on them. Best part is they know it’s in the library and they always use their inside voice.

I multitask. Like with the audiobooks, driving, laundry and when I know I’ll be in front of the computer. Another way is reading multiple books at once. I was not always able to do that. But over time developed the knack. The plus side to multi reading is if I hit a dud point in one book, I can switch over to another.

Now in all fairness this question is usually follows only after it is found out that I have 4 children.

Question 2:

What else do you do when your not reading?


Well, I am Mom/Wife. That’s my current role in life.

Beside reading though, I love creating my own hot sauces and crafting with my kids. During the summer you’ll catch us Hiking or out searching for new swimming spots.  I binge watch Netflix. You can tell when I’m binge watching because there will be delay in my blogs being posted.

Lately I found my creative spark coming back. One that hasn’t been around for a very long time. I started self teaching video/image editing. I now have several dozen edits under my belt and 3 videos on Youtube. But this is just for fun and to pass time.

I’ve also branched into writing. I don’t know what will come of my WIP but it provides me an outlet that my inner being needed.

Lets see. I also sleep. I love naps. Naps and food. I love eating also.


So if you have any questions that you just have to know the answer. Please feel free to ask.


36 thoughts on “Time to know more about me…

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  1. I love reading and wish I could find more time to read so I liked hearing how you find the time too! I also love food and naps – one after the other!


    1. I agree, everyone is on there phone and you can’t usually tell they are scrolling by the flicks of their fingers. I agree I get a lot of pages read during my waiting periods.


  2. Audiobooks are actually perfect for household work. You learn and accomplish something at the same time, but it’s better not to get too much into the passive phase because it will all just be noise.


    1. I have become such a huge fan of them. It did take me a few tries to get into it. But essentially it feels like story time the adult version.


  3. I also love reading! It makes me feel so alive and happy and my imagination runs wild. I wish I read more, though. Life gets in the way and gets so busy.


    1. Life does tend to be busy. But now with technology we have so many more option than carrying a physical book.


    1. I love my hot sauces and seems my family and friends do as well. But that’s only seasonal. I like to get my peppers fresh.


  4. I love reading but not a consistent reader if I read something that is not good sometimes I stopped there and read another book. I don’t like reading a book that if you read the synopsis you already know the whole stories I want something that will be caught my attention and will push me to read that book from the beginning up to last part of it.


  5. It was really nice to hear more about you. It’s really nice to hear you have branched out into writing and have a WIP too.


  6. I love reading too so I am so happy to find your blog! I have a explored a few of your posts and so far I really like your taste in books. I love watching youtube book hauls lately too it motivates me to read more and more. Happy reading to you!


  7. Love how you can bring your kids to the library and get some “alone” time while keeping an eye on them! I just got back into reading for fun and realized how much I miss it.


  8. I wish I actually enjoyed reading. The last I read a book that wasn’t for school was probably the Twiligjt series. Haha I buy books I’m interested in but then don’t end up even opening them. I’m going to start I always say. Maybe one day?


  9. It’s always nice to get to know fellow bloggers more so thanks for sharing these things about you! I love reading as well and it’s something that you can do not only during your spare time but when you’re traveling, etc! There’s really no excuse not to read more.


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