Book Review: The Warrior (Men of the North #5), Elin Peer 

The Warrior 37837464

By: Elin Peer

Length: 284 pages

Published: March 27th 2018

Rating: five-stars


Even the strongest man in the world has a weak spot!
Magni knows what he wants and he’s used to getting it. As the second in command in the Northlands, he doesn’t care that he comes across as rude or domineering. Asking for permission or apologizing for his actions is for weaker men.

Six months ago, Laura was Magni’s sweet and submissive young wife. Tempted to experience the independence of women in the Motherlands, and to learn martial arts, she ran away. Now, she’s back. Stronger and more confident than before. Determined not to let a man dominate her, not even the one she once fell in love with and married.

Is there a way for Magni and Laura to be a couple again with her need for independence and his need for control? And can someone as proud as Magni overcome his anger with Laura for leaving him in the first place?

The Warrior is the long-awaited fifth installment in the highly praised Men of the North series. Prepare for an explosion of intense passion, deep emotions, and the fierce dialogue that always has readers raving about Elin Peer’s books.

This Sci-fi Romance is guaranteed to make you cry, laugh, cheer, and swoon. If you’re ready for Magni and Laura’s story, sit back and enjoy the suspense, humor, and sizzling passion that will suck you in.


What can I say, I love this woman’s creative writing style. She has yet to disappointment with any of her 15 books she has published thus far. And the long-awaited reunification of Laura and Magni was well worth the wait.

Laura, oh Laura the trouble you have caused for the Motherlands and the Nmen. Thank you. It’s because of you that we owe this journey too. Back in book one The Protector, Laura decided she wanted to stand on her own feet and crossed the border setting Magni into a rage so deep that he then crossed the border but, being unable to retrieve Laura he does the unthinkable and breaks a treaty that has been set in place for I believe 300 years and kidnaps a  female Motlander (Name for people of the Motherland). Way to go Magni. So that should catch you for the most part. To really get caught up read the series because it is AMAZING.

The Warrior picks up rather quickly with Elin wasting no time for the duo to reconnect. Which I was pleased to see, I don’t know how much longer I could have waited for the two to essentially battle it out.  This book however I felt leaned more towards the sexual components. Not a bad thing. The scenes were well written, there was just so much more than the previous books. Which makes sense considering the couples time apart from each other.

The storyline developed nicely, with Laura still trying to prove that she is as strong as any man even though she is woman. And Magni still being the brute of man he is stuck in gender specific roles. The big difference I notice in Book 5 vs. the other four books is that the past characters while they remain a part of the plot we don’t get to revisit them as much as the other books allowed. But even for the times they did come into play Elin was sure to give us an update as too where the characters stood and how they progress of the integration school was forming.

Being able to not only following the growth of our adult member but our students and teachers aid added the perfect touch allowing Magni to grow and showing Laura that Magni is the softest teddy bear of them all when it comes to the students in particular, the young Mila. There were many times when I wanted to scream at the both of them, when they were together and when they were separated. Both had a way of pushing you to the edge of dislike only to win you over again with the reasoning behind their action. I had a long battle myself with these two extremely stubborn and hard-headed characters. But in the end, you can’t deny the chemistry that these two have. This book shows that even though you and your spouse may not share the same opinion doesn’t mean that a relationship can’t withstand.


What I thought was starting out a 5-book series has grown to a 10 book series. But here’s the twist, while I believe we will be revisited by our beloved cast, the next five books will go in further into the future following our students that have graced us with their presence.  Here it is the synopsis of The Genius (Men of the North Book 6);

51wKoT5LoYLWith three degrees and the highest measured IQ in the Motherlands, Shelly Summers knows that she’s socially awkward. It doesn’t bother her since as the head engineer for Advanced Technologies she has little time for social interactions anyway.
When she learns that one of the testers for the sex-bots her company manufactures is her old crush, Marco, she’s curious to see if he’ll recognize her now that she’s ten years older and no longer has bushy eyebrows and a bad case of acne.
A normal person would have said something when Marco doesn’t recognize her from his past. A normal person would definitely have said something when he mistakes her for an advanced sex robot and thinks his job is to do a test run.
Things are about to get very awkward for this genius…
The Genius is the sixth book in the series Men of the North that has readers raving about its perfect mix of love, action, wisdom, and humor.


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