Book Review: Things You Can’t Un-see: essays, Sarahbeth Caplin

Things You Can’t Un-see: essays38350889

By: Sarabeth Caplin

Length: 112 pages

Published: March 17th 2018

Rating: five-stars


From Amazon bestselling author Sarahbeth Caplin comes a collection of her best essays from all over the internet, including the Huffington Post, about things you can’t un-know, un-hear, or un-see once they happen: be it feminist awakenings, spiritual doubt, the effects of living with mental illness, and the normalcy of rape culture in Hollywood as well as in real life.

Funny, heartbreaking, and insightful, Caplin never minces words — or opinions.


There’s a question that often gets passed around while playing Icebreaker which is; If you could sit down with one person dead or alive for an evening who would be and why? I always knew who I would pick. Nellie Bly. Since the day I was first  introduced to her in the 5th grade I’ve always carried her with me. She of course was the person I always picked. Nellie Bly paved the way for women journalist in the investigative field and challenged men when women shouldn’t have. Going as far as to  even racing around the world. While she only held the record for a few months she beat out her male counterpart.

Now that I gave you a minor history lesson, I felt it was important to stress that it was known who she was because you see, I believe Sarahbeth may be my alive Nellie Bly. A person who writing career I plan to follow from this point forward.

I felt inspired by her writing. She challenged my thoughts. The thoughts I saw as being only black and white, she showed me, they may not be so simple that there is grey matter in between. I never thought that reading an essay published by someone I had never heard of before could cause me to rethink my inner me. My thoughts, my feelings, and just me as person.

I don’t know if that was the intentions of Caplin, but the impact she had on me will remain with me eternally.

These essays consist of  multitude of topics religion, family, relationships and topics that the world seems to wish would go away such as rape and mental illness.  While I can’t say I see eye to eye with Caplin on all the subject matters I can say that her execution on capturing her thoughts and providing her input was profoundly beautiful.

This is a book that should be read by all. Young, old and everyone in-between.


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    1. It really was. I read a lot of books for pleasure so when this one popped up I really didn’t think it would cause me to think as much as it had.


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