Self-censoring Children


I love this. Why? Because while parts of our society have banned books from schools my children can pick up any book of my shelf and read it as they please.  Would society consider all my book’s age appropriate for my children. Nope, not a doubt in my mind there are people who would disagree with me allowing them to read an adult novel.

Let me tell you about my bookshelf it varies with its genre, they are all mixed up as well. I have books the range from children to erotica.

Let me tell you about my children. They range from toddler to tween. Only two of my four kids know how to read. The oldest two are required by me to read at a minimum of twenty minutes a day.  My oldest two children are also responsible for the majority of my Instagram photos. They read my books. They enjoy my books.

There will probably be at least one person who is rolling their eyes and talking poorly on my parenting decision of this matter.

But, I don’t want to tell them they can’t read a book because of their age. More importantly because of its contents.

Now here’s the real kicker. They have yet to read any adult rated novel. They have picked them up. They have asked what the book is about. They have asked if there is sex in. They have put the book down.

My oldest daughter is a huge Twilight fan. She has the movies, posters, clothes and even is the owner of the complete series (she bought herself at a book sale, I am not a fan of Twilight). She however has not read them. I asked her why. She simply stated I’m saving them for when I reach that reading level. It has nothing to do with the content of the books. It’s simply she knows she not at that ability to fully understand what she is reading. She usually picks books that are young teen novels, (which are usually clean).

My son (my soon to be teenager), is a huge sucker for romance novel. You read that right romance novels (Mostly YA). Currently he is reading Gianna Gabriela’s , Better With You.  That kids a real smooth talker. He has picked up EL James’ Grey. Asked what it was about and put it down.

Anyways a very long-winded statement later.  Teaching your children to self-censor just with books will teach them to do that in every aspect of their lives.  That is why I don’t censor what books my children read.


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  1. I could not love this more! My daughter is only 16 months old, but I won’t be censoring her book choices when she starts to read on her own either. My parents certainly never did and it opened up conversations between us when I did read something that I didn’t understand. I think being allowed to choose your own books is so important. Plus, ‘banning’ books only makes them a million times more attractive, even if they wouldn’t have bothered picking it up on their own!

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  2. i totally agree with you,i never had any restrictions when i started reading as a child ,my dad use to buy me various kinds of books so i also believe that children shouldn’t be you said it actually helps their decision making skills in every other aspect of life.

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  3. Your daughter sounds very smart, You can read something and understand the words but you can still be unable to process what it all means together, its good that she knows she’s not ready for that. I don’t think this makes you a questionable parent at all, in fact the opposite, reading opens them up to new ideas and new ways of thinking – feeling through anothers eyes. They are probably learning far more than if they sat and watched tv for 20 minutes!

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  4. I really agree that teaching our children to self censor with books will also teach them to do that in every aspect of their lives. This is something they need to learn from a younger age so that they can apply it to any aspect in life.

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  5. I love that! You’re showing your children that you trust their decisions and I’m sure that will go a long way throughout their teenage years!! Your boy sounds like he may be trouble down the line ;p learning how to charm the ladies in the best way…through books!!

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  6. Very good concept! I never thought about teaching kids to self-censor but it sounds like a very good idea. It gives them the power to make the decision about what’s appropriate (with some guidance I’m sure).

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  7. I can completely understand this. If a child tries to read a book outside their reading level or interest they probably won’t try to read it too long anyways, or if they do they won’t grasp it content very well. I remember reading a bunch of books as a child and have no recollection of what even happened in them now that I am an adult.

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  8. I think it sounds like you are doing a great parenting job, I like the idea of self-censoring and it seems like they are great kids with lovely creative minds!

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  9. That’s great your children are reading and loving it. I would rather mine not read an adult book that’s very explicit example 50 shades of gray style. But then again the internet exists so I am sure we’ve all seen it all, lol. I wish more parents did instill reading more it’s so important to get the brain moving and the child learning at the same time.

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  10. I think you’re doing a great job with your children! Mine are still young, neither of them read, but they love to be read stories all the time. They have a small bookshelf of their own with children books. I have a larger bookshelf in my office with all my books (including my childhood books) but they never go there. As a child I spent hours in my grandfather’s library, I learnt to read by myself when I was 4 and my parents weren’t even aware. I read Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey when I was 10, and nobody even cared. I had no censorship, or control really… still I think I’m a good person. Anyway, I’m glad my children have parents who care and are there for them.

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  11. That’s a good food for thought. When I was young, my mum forbids me to have coke because of my asthma, it made me want to have them secretly because I can’t have them. I guess it’s the same for kids, teaching them to self censor is indeed a good idea.

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    1. Yep, when I was growing up my parents would ban us from those sugary drinks so I drank them any chance I could.


  12. Parenting done right ❤ I remember when I turned 12, my mom handing me over her book 'Full Circle by Danielle Steel' and tell me that "Here take this" and that was my mom's way of telling me that I could read contents that included adult stuff because I was a book worm and as much I wanted to read these books, and I could…but I didn't know if it was appropriate for me to read these books. 🙂


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