Book Review: Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium, Rajamayyoor Sharma

Age of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium

By: Rajamayyoor Sharma37569309

Length: 479 pages

Published: January 17th 2018

Rating: three-stars


Azmoq is the rarest and most coveted metal on the planet. It’s the ultimate source and symbol of real power, and the Valantian Imperium controls it all in Valantia.

Or so they thought…

For the first time in generations, the Valantian Imperium, masters of the Valantian continent have glimpsed the first tremors of fear. There are rumors abound. Rumors of legends. Legends of both ancient Azmoqian weapons and men of godly powers, long thought to be myths.

As these rumors grow, a small group of people, from various walks of life, some commoners, some within the mighty Valantian Imperium itself, by pure coincidence, have set in motion a chain of events. The legends, if true, along with these set of events, might reignite the flames of a revolution. A revolution the Imperium had long suppressed. A revolution that might alter the balance of power in the continent, and eventually the entire world…


You would never think that this is a debut novel for Rajamayyor. It’s stunning details and vibrancy to create life from book to your mind was impeccable.

I was nervous when this book landed on my kindle. Why? Because of its length. My reads don’t usually reach that capacity.

I did find the building up to the plot to be on the long-winded side and it took me to about 20% to fully become immersed into the work.  I did find some of the introductions of few characters to be a bit much for our lead Devrath. He’s young, one the youngest persons in his village. I couldn’t figure out what age he would be as people lived well above the average life span. He also was not the easiest of people to follow on this journey.

Devrath takes on this journey un trained and alone, travel far beyond the point that he has ever taken before. He is also extremely naive and has no knowledge what lies beyond the border of his village. I found it a bit strange that a person who is so ill equipped would take this venture, But I went with it. While he develops skills (self-taught) and fight the revolution we are thrown into several battles ranging in different levels of combat.

While I love a good battle, having so many jammed into a book was a dream come true. They kept you on toes and really had me wanting to get to the next. That’s scenes where not flawless but the depiction of the scene easily allowed that aliment to slide under the radar.

Age of Azmoq takes on a lot, political boundaries, philosophies and fantasy adventure where the three that stood out to me. If you took the prospect of him seeking what almost feels like revenge for his parent’s mysterious death you get a Robin hood feel.

There are many scenes that drawn out, while the descriptions of who, what and where are superb it appears every detail was laid out. For me it was a deterrent and I had read a section and then re-read it to recall what was going on because while I was being told of my setting I lost the plot.

The overall storyline though was mind blowing.


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  1. I might give this one a go. Does sound a little bit of a hard one to get into at first, but the story seems interesting enough to get passed that part of it. Thank you so much for sharing!

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