Book Review: Refugees (Mud, Rocks, and Trees #1),R.A. Denny


By: R.A. Denny

Length: 288 pages

Published: April 9th 2017

Rating: four-stars


“An epic journey of a lifetime.” That’s what three young individuals from three different corners of the world have dreamed about. They were destined for greatness since the moment they were born. But what if they don’t want it? What if they’re not ready? What if their desires no longer align with the prophecy?

The problem is, they have no choice. The star has appeared. Their destiny has already begun to unfold.

It’s not the send-off that they’ve been dreaming of. Forced out. Banished. Raided. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. Now they must discover who they really are while embarking on the most exciting journey of their lives. One star. One impossible task. One chance to save the world they love.


An epic journey is exactly what this book was. Following our three leads Amanki, Moshoi & Brina through their trials and tribulations, Refugees sets the groundwork for the series which spans 6 books. All slated at the perfect length to keep teen minds engaged.

Our leads are interestingly enough humans with animalistic features of duck, armadillo and flying squirrel, and Denny did not disappoint with the incorporation of these features. With each being very different creatures, I was intently intrigued as to connecting factor between the three young hybrids. Using the animals as inspiration to direct the story setting was impeccably crafted leaving no stone unturned.

Amanki and Moshoi story though seemed to fall flat when in comparison to Brina’s. I felt myself more drawn to Brina character and more invested in her. Even though all three demonstrated their strengths and weakness, it was nice to know that our heroes are not without flaws making them each that much more likable. Moshoi seems to have the oldest spirit but I found myself questioning his judgement. Amanki seems to have grown up with blinders on to the world and is very naive. While Brina, well as I said before I felt drawn to her and her struggles. Whether my interpretation or not is correct of the characters that is the way I perceived them based upon their action and words.

My only complaint was that once you started to dive into a character’s story the next chapter would move you onto another. But they are clearly marked as to who’s you will be reading


Book one is currently free on Amazon. Just click here and you’ll be taken directly to Amazon.  As of April 14, 2018 this book is free I am unaware of how long this will be offered.


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