Book Review: In Reality, Loralie Murrison

In Reality38747161

By: Loralie Murrison

Length: 187 pages

Published: February 26th 2018

Rating: ☆☆


Ellery Walker wants to avoid reality, or at least her mother’s version of it.
Her family ‘stars’ on the hit reality TV show Life With the Walkers and Ellery despises every moment of it.

Seeking escape she hides herself away at a community college, hoping to live peacefully as an anonymous student. When her plan backfires and her identity is revealed she has an entirely new set of problems to deal with.

Sean Dixon is trouble, why else would the entire student body avoid him? His appearance doesn’t help matters. He’s tall, dark, silent and tattooed, there is no doubt he’s as dangerous as he seems. right?

When a slip of paper throws these two together, both their ‘realities’ become entwined and in the end, there is no way for them to untangle.

Will they even want to?


I hate to do this especially to a new an upcoming author. I had so much hope for this one. I love the cover, I love the summary. I even enjoyed parts of the novel. I can see Murrison growing as an author, but I felt that this book was a bit unfinished.

Ellery and Sean as characters started out superbly, but I felt by the end they weren’t the same people. It would have made sense for them to have changed so much, but it was as if the moments were missed or overall not strong enough to support the growth they made.

Everything seemed rushed and garbled. The plot just didn’t seem to be completed, I felt as though I missed a lot of the story with a quick explanation of why this of this or that happened.

I do think this has potential, I did find it intriguing. I loved that we had a star who want to just be a regular person. Diana (Ellery’s roommate)  fantastic. Simon aka Si (Sean’s brother) was a unique character with his background and upbringing, but his action seemed to be like an afterthought. I found some of the relationship to be odd for the Walker family. But, what can I say people would probably think my family is odd as well.

Overall I don’t think I would reread this book unless it went through an overhaul.


19 thoughts on “Book Review: In Reality, Loralie Murrison

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  1. I always feel sad when I have to say something bad about someone’s work, especially if they are not yet established, although, it actually helps them in the long run. I like they way you started gently about the fact that you weren’t impressed.


  2. I admire your honesty with reviews. Although you didn’t gel well with this book you still picked out things you liked which may help other people who still wish to pick this up. Your honesty is refreshing.

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  3. I’ve never heard of this book before –– I’m so impressed with your honesty here though! It’s a shame it didn’t stack up in your books (no pun intended). x

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  4. I appreciate your honesty in your review! It’s not often I find such raw, down-to-earth unfiltered content. I may read it so I can get a better picture of what you talk about with the plot missing, etc.


  5. This has an interesting story, I’m expecting a twist on it in the middle. When I saw the “family stars reality tv” it just reminded me of Kardasian (haha) I can’t wait to hear more about Ellery’s story. Would you give your book review as well? I’m excited to read it.


  6. What I love is your honesty. I find it hard sometimes to be so harsh or blunt about certain things especially in the blogging community. I love that you made your stance and stood by it. Your right the summary sounds so good like “wow I kinda want to read this” but then your review of it made me question. Thanks for sharing and being so honest!

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  7. Thanks for the review. It is sad when a newbie author just doesn’t live up to the hype. I read one book over the summer I had been looking forward to so much and was really sad that it let me down. I think constructive criticism can be so helpful though and there’s been many authors who didn’t start out strong, but really found their groove eventually!

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