Book Review: Art of War (Stern Family Saga, #3), Monique Orgeron

Art of War38721714

By: Monique Orgeron

Length: 470 pages

Ratings: ☆☆☆☆


War is inevitable, but who will win?
The minute Murphy Larussa stepped foot in New Orleans, her life changed forever.
Murphy was meant to remain in the shadows, hidden from prying eyes, like any good bastard.
She finds herself hunted by a dangerous family for a debt she has no knowledge of.
Everyone wants her gone, but they underestimate her. She refuses to allow them to push her back into obscurity. From now on, everyone will know her name because she is here to stay and claim what is rightfully hers.
There will be a war, one Murphy is hell bent on winning!
Sent on a hunt for a person who owes his family, Zander will not stop until he has his man.
How was he to know who he would find?
Murphy Larussa is not what any of them saw coming.
So unexpected, she’s the only woman to ever bring the great Zander Stern to his knees.
Now he will do anything to protect her, even if that means protecting her from his own family.
Everyone wants a war.
He will give them one, but this is a war he plans on winning!

To Be Released March 23, 2018


When your a big man with an ego to match, what better way to put you in your place than a short and fiery redhead. Murphy definitely gives Zander a run for his money in this cat and mouse like chase. While dealing with inner demons, fighting to save the casino of the father who deserted her and mastering the art of war, Murphy Larussa gives the Stern family a ride that they’ll never forget.28577408_2069088466441667_2245116578467879052_n

In Art of War, we revisit our cast of the Stern Family picking up right where Art of Forgiveness left us. Wanting to know more about the future heir of the casino who debt they have just purchased. Well, little surprise Murphy was not the heir they had anticipated.  With her dominating personally but often closed off, she was a hard character to like most of the time. Especially when you have a brute like Zander being knocked around. Zander was easy to fall in love with, yet again. The feelings I have for him have transpired from book one Art of Seduction  I’m not saying Murphy isn’t well written. She was definitely meant to cause a confusion of feeling for Zander and the reader. That she does very well. She’s battling with an issue that stems from her childhood, which has traveled with her through the years. Those are hard walls to knock down. Plus with the business that these two are in, feelings can often land you in the hot seat.

Throughout the book, we are kept updated on a blossoming family, which I enjoyed. While this story was to revolve around Zander it was incorporated in a way that you weren’t left feeling that those details were just tossed in there.

The only serious flaw I had had been with Kyle/Kylie. Not that I didn’t enjoy his flamboyant behavior and blunt mouth. He was such a great comical character. I just felt he was missing for keys parts of the storyline. For me, he seemed to of slipped away into the world of forgotten secondary characters. He started with a very prominent role but was dismissed about the 30%, with a quick reappearance of talking on the phone with no dialogue. Just being informed they spoken on the phone. I wish he would have been around more. I loved the interactions between Zander, Kyle/Kylie, and Murphy. So I was happy to have him resurface at the very end but, sad that he wasn’t there for more of the big events. The other issues were minor details that just seemed to change our previous characters ever so slightly. But that could easily be explained off by the growth of the story and character.28467752_10209171807972440_5017576351187978506_n

Now the suspense that Monique brought was beyond amazing when I thought I had things figured out I was wrong. I really thought I knew what was going on. That was not the twist I saw coming. It was yet another perfectly sculpted integration on her part.

Overall, I know I am eagerly awaiting to read about our mysterious Vin in the next book of the series Art of Loyalty.



24 thoughts on “Book Review: Art of War (Stern Family Saga, #3), Monique Orgeron

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  1. Great review, Ohh this book looks and sounds scandalously amazing I really need this book in my life. I might check it out one day I am so going to add this series to my Amazon wish list as well. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post and putting this book on my radar.

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  2. Sounds like a really good suspense read. I am glad you enjoyed this one, I might give this a read too but I will wait once the next installment is up as I am bad at waiting. Nice review as always.


  3. Oh this one sounds really intruiging, I may look into this book as I like the fact its part of a series, always nice to know you’ve something to read after finishing a book but even better when its a carry on from one you’ve really enjoyed!

    Liked by 1 person

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