The Nerd Daily 2018 Reading Challenge UPDATE #2

Here it is my updated status on my Reading Challenge. Newly completed quest will have purple numbers.


Original Challenge Posting here

Update #1 here


1: The Rain E.C. Fisher

14: Better With You by Ginna Gabriela

21: The Automations by Anonymous

22: The Promised One by Morgan G. Farris

24. Planet Perfect by Charlotte Roth

25. Traitor Born By: Amy A. Bartol

37. Caraval by Stephanie Garber

38. Something Blue by Kristy Nicolle 

39. Re:Camelot Part One: The Descendant of the King By: E.C. Fisher

47. Fool’s Gold, N.E. Lucas

48: IA: Initiate by John Darryl Winston

51. When DNA is Wrong by Jeff Beckett

Each one is linked to it’s review. Are you doing a reading challenge? Or are you already  planning for next year’s reading challenge?

Also looking for some suggestions for #’s 6, 8 and 50.

26 thoughts on “The Nerd Daily 2018 Reading Challenge UPDATE #2

Add yours

  1. This is a really interesting idea. I didn’t actually think of doing a reading challenge but I would love to, it definitely encourages you to read more.


  2. I am definitely not doing a reading challenge, although maybe I should! Maybe if I could tear myself away from Netflix at night, I could read. I’m always so tired by then, though, and just want to be mindless! I’m currently “reading” two books. Haha! I’ve started 2 different books and haven’t finished either. Funny as it is, my main reading time is during my kids’ soccer practices and practice doesn’t begin until April!


    1. Just looked it up and just added it to my TBR. This should be an interesting read for me as I’m not the most religious person out there.


  3. My reading inspiration! You are soaring through this list, what an awesome way to encourage more reading and to keep track of what you have read! I’m still only on book 5 this year and I am finding this one so slow but I will keep on!

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    1. Oh man…I’d have to say Better with you was probably my favorite thus far. I could not put the book down at all. But the The Rain was good also, but was a short read.


    1. Is there an audiobook you would recommend? I just started listening to them and find when I’m stuck working on the computer or on a long commute they come in handy.


    1. I agree, I always get pushed over to something else. These ones seemed to fit with what I have on my plate and my to be read list, which was one reason why I chose it. Plus its a book a week so I know I can accomplish it.


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