Line Up #9


The next 4 books to be read and reviewed.


Art of War (Stern Family Saga #3), Monique Orgeron (ARC)

Art of War Review

38721714War is inevitable, but who will win?
The minute Murphy Larussa stepped foot in New Orleans, her life changed forever.
Murphy was meant to remain in the shadows, hidden from prying eyes, like any good bastard.
She finds herself hunted by a dangerous family for a debt she has no knowledge of.
Everyone wants her gone, but they underestimate her. She refuses to allow them to push her back into obscurity. From now on, everyone will know her name because she is here to stay and claim what is rightfully hers.
There will be a war, one Murphy is hell bent on winning!
Sent on a hunt for a person who owes his family, Zander will not stop until he has his man.
How was he to know who he would find?
Murphy Larussa is not what any of them saw coming.
So unexpected, she’s the only woman to ever bring the great Zander Stern to his knees.
Now he will do anything to protect her, even if that means protecting her from his own family.
Everyone wants a war.
He will give them one, but this is a war he plans on winning!

Everlife (Everlife #3), Gena Showalter 

Everlife Review



At seventeen years old, Tenley “Ten” Lockwood had to make the ultimate choice—where to live after she died. Loyalty to her selected realm has not wavered…until now. She is out of time. Sacrifices must be made, and a terrible price must be paid. But is she too late?

As the Everlife descends into darkness, a single truth becomes clear: Troika and Myriad must unite—or perish. In order to bring sworn enemies together, Ten must enter forbidden territory…and destroy the powerful Prince of Ravens. But there’s only one way inside—bonding with Killian Flynn, a deadly rival who sets her blood aflame.

When nothing goes as planned and betrayal leads to the edge of utter defeat, Ten and Killian will have to rebuild trust from the ashes of their hearts. Victory seems impossible, the odds stacked against them. In the end, how far will they be willing to go for the sake of their realms and the Everlife?

IA: Initiate (IA #1), John Darryl Winston (Audiobook)

IA: Initiate Review

34499902Everyone has secrets… What if you didn’t know your own?

One young man with latent supernatural abilities plus one street gang hell-bent on recruiting him equals… IA: Initiate.

The most important thing in the world to thirteen-year-old orphan, “Naz” Andersen is keeping his little sister safe from the streets of a Chicago/Detroit-like urban ghetto known as the Exclave. Naz tries to stay out of the way at his foster parent’s home, but he walks in his sleep. He is unable to keep the fact that he hears voices from his therapist. He attempts to go unnoticed at school and in the streets of the Exclave but attracts the attention of friends and bullies alike.

Naz is ordinary, or so he thinks. He harbors a secret of which he is unaware. A seemingly random act of gang violence propels Naz on a path that leads to discoveries about his supernatural abilities, abilities that will ultimately decide whether he lives or dies. Now he must navigate his turbulent surroundings and face the full force of the world around him. The only way he can survive is to discover the supernatural world within.

The Rain, E.C. Fisher

The Rain Review

38650972Charlie Hamilton’s death at Camp High Tide is confounding and offers more questions than answers. While checking into his background, Detective Daniel Nash discovers an ominous smear on the town’s past, the unsolved disappearance of young Timothy Waters who went missing three decades ago from the very same camp Charlie was caretaker of.

Forgotten police records from the incident detail five other children from the camp, not so friendly associates of Timmy’s. Nash invites them in for interviews, hoping they can shed light on who may have wanted Charlie dead, as well as what happened the night of Timmy’s disappearance.

As a series of unexpected rain storms roll through the rural town, the individuals with ties to Timmy and Charlie begin to drop one by one. While each death is different than the last, they all are equally terrifying and vaguely similar.

Will Detective Nash be able to solve the cases both past and present and stop these strange deaths before it’s too late, or will the rain drown away the answers?


What are you reading?

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    1. I so want to read that book. Can you imagine being a young boy and realizing you have such a unique gift to help so many people.


  1. What a great collection of books to read and review! We definitely need to find more time reading. We are traveling to Utah at the end of the month and will be reading on the plane.


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