How do you track ?

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It’s the million dollar question today that is on my mind. How do you track your reading? Do you use a notebook or an app or do you actually organize your bookshelf in the order you read your books?

Technology has definitely added a multitude of option for tracking yours reads, you to be read and even giving you suggestions on what to read based on your past reads. No more hoping the librarian actually gets what kind of book you’re looking for when at the tip of your fingers in over hundreds sometimes thousands of like-minded readers.

So while you read this little tidbit from me, as I suggest some sites I found to track your reads,  you can contemplate the way the chose to track your reads, because well, I’m a nosy person and I want to know.


Goodreads-iconThis is a pretty well-known source for tracking books and connecting with other readers. I really don’t have that much complaint with Goodreads, The formatting is easy to use and pretty cohesive. I love the Goodreads Challenge. A personal set by oneself that you can see your progress with every book you input as read. Let’s not forget that they host a place for authors/publish to do giveaways. Whether it be Audio, physical or e-book, Goodreads allows you to track them all. Another feature I like it that it links you to the location to buy the book and to the author information (as long as the author has provided it). Plus they have great widgets to add to blogs.


BX1xSkgO_400x400This site is fairly new to me. I heard about through the grapevine also known as Facebook, so I had out check it out. I was surprised how much I loved the layout. I adore the badges that can be earned and found them to be a unique touch( You can also suggest badge to be earned). The ease of the site and again that you can create your own challenge like, reads 5 books in 2 weeks or such. You have the option of creating a large challenge along with mini challenges for yourself. Which I tried out and failed*. It’s rather easy to add friends and follow based on reading preferences. There’s no link to the author’s information, and I have yet to figure out a way to edit a review which is limited to a certain number of characters. I do love the bookshelf where you get a photo lineup of your book, which tells you directly underneath the book what you rated it. The downfall, a lot of the indie and self-published books do not show up on their radar. *My reason for failing my challenge. That is a big downfall for me, I know it won’t be for everyone but for me and a huge fan of Indie & self-publisher not being able to rate on a book rating site, it really sucks.


LT_icon120x1201Not the most creative name, right? Also a new discovery for me through the same grapevine. LibraryThing took me some time to get into the groove of things. Ok, I was initially drawn to it for its giveaways. Which is a large number but I’ve noticed that the giveaways are a higher amount being distributed per giveaway ( especially in e-book). One feature I really like is the Common Knowledge section each book is given. Now, this has its pros and one major con. The pro being we the readers have a chance to important information on the book, like if it’s become a film, events for the book, pretty many facts about the book so we don’t have to scour the web for it. Big con, anyone can add anything so how do you know the information is legit.

Other ways to track your reading

  1. Pinterest
  2. Amazon
  3. Journals
  4. Collection folder on e-reader
  5. Organized bookshelf
  6. Checkout log from your local library
  7. Blog about your reads

So these are many ways to track your reads, that I could think of anyways, I have accounts on a few of these sites, I try to keep them updated with my reviews. Sometime inputting multiple data at one time on multiple sites. I’m always searching for new ways to track my reading.

So now that you had time to contemplate which way works for you?

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  1. Great ideas. I have a simple list on google keep for books (mostly from book club). I use goodreads and have for years. I haven’t done as well as I’d like in the past few years. Hopefully I’ll make reading a priority again.


  2. I would flounder without Goodreads, I know authors don’t like the sight and claim it is a haven for trolls, but I use it daily, several times a day.


  3. I use Goodreads but I also keep a physical list on an old fashioned calendar because there’s something kind of nice about being what I read and when.


  4. I actually don’t get to read that much for pleasure anymore. I really should start making time for it. I edit professionally and am constantly reading other people’s work rather than reading for myself! But these tracking methods seem really interesting. I’m just starting to learn about Pinterest, so I would probably use that, as it seems like a good tracking method.


    1. I’m not sure how I cam about learning of the other two sites, but I think even after trying them out I still favor Goodreads.


  5. I have used Goodreads for years, I also use my Outlook calendar to keep track of when I want to have read some books by and when I want to have a review / post online by.


    1. I have only used my outlook calendar to keep track of new releases so I know to speed up my reading so I’m open to read it.


  6. I use Goodreads as a in real time reading tracker but this year I have started to use a reading spreadsheet for tracking a whole bunch of things including savings for the library.
    I like there 50 Book pledge website to see the bookcase and it tells you if you read at your current rate, what you are on track to accomplish by the end of the year which is nice. If you read an indie and it doesn’t have it, it does have a custom add function but then it does throw out your nice shelves as you just have a white cover.
    I’ve tried others but this is working for the time being (I use book collectorz for my actual book catalog).


  7. I don’t track what I read but since I started reading more this year I think I should, it will be fun adding a new book to the list as the last page ends. I am going to look into these apps for sure. I have too many pieces of paper already floating around to make a list!

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  8. Unfortunately, I don’t get half the amount of time to read these days as I would like, but when I do, I find Goodreads is a great place for tracking what I am reading.

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  9. The main way I keep organized is using Google Sheets. I have a spreadsheet that lists out the books I’ve read. My next way is Goodreads. I’ve been getting better at updating my page, but I’m not always consistent with it like I am with my spreadsheet. I also blog about all the books I’ve been reading.

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  10. The books that have been read and currently reading are added to Goodreads. I have a book shelf for books I’ve had a long time. The ones to review on the blog are in a cupboard. For the blog I have a ‘books to review’ file where they are all written down.


  11. I, personally, am a Goodreads junkie. I know there have been some complaints lately, focusing on giveaways and people outside the US. I don’t do the giveaways and I live in the US, so it suits my needs. I do hope they get their act together so it works for everyone again. Great discussion!


    1. Even with the readjustment that Goodreads has made I still think it is the superior choice. But then again I’m not one of the people who have been affected by the change as I live in the US as well.

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  12. I mostly used an orgaised folder for my reads and a journal, this helps me to keep track of what have read and what i plan to read next right now imykinda just studying for my finals so folders helps alot


  13. This is so amazing! Would you believe I used to track the books I read by writing library cards (I’m not sure what’s the name in English). I have around 1’500 cards, but I stopped tracking that way around 2004. Any of these new systems would be useful for me!

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