Book Review: The Promised One (The Chalam Færytales), Morgan G. Farris

The Promised One36559745

By: Morgan G. Farris

Length: 444 Pages

Published: January 9, 2018

Rating: ☆☆☆☆


Some færytales end with a kiss, but for Elizabeth and Ferryl, the kiss is only the beginning.

When the memories of their happily-ever-before are inexplicably stolen, Elizabeth sets off to uncover the truth and save her fabled love with the crown prince, no matter the cost. Meanwhile, Prince Ferryl must unravel the mystery behind his father’s crippling headaches, grapple with the band of rebels infiltrating the borders of his kingdom with suspicious acumen, and undermine the manipulation of a queen with an unslakable thirst for power and control. All while trying to keep his mind off the beautiful stranger who seems to know and understand him too well.

The Promised One is the first book of The Chalam Færytales series—a coming-of-age epic fantasy, a story that begins after the first kiss. It’s a færytale to remind us that magic is everywhere, if only we look—and love may be the most powerful magic there is.

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This book did not sit well with me until about a quarter of the way in.  I was bored and dulled and found the back of my eyelids far to more interesting. Something changed though, and out of nowhere the story became alive and I seemed to be caught under a spell as it seems a few of our characters were as well.

I felt slightly lost and confused journeying into The Promised One. The setup was off for me. What seemed for the story to be following Elizabeth’s story was thwarted by random chapter is from the perspective of other characters. I know these characters needed to be introduced but their introduction or I should the point in which they were introduced seemed forced. As if it was thrown in to get the characters brought into the story.

After my little bump in the world with this book, the story flowed and was easy to fall further and further in love with. While all my questions were not answered, the majority of them were. The ending was one that left the story open, as I said not all my questions were answered. It’ll be great to see where the story goes.

The world building of this just screamed at you, very well-developed with the words depicting a true realm of a nonexistent place. With the multitude of royalty that grace your presence Farris was able to capture the air of sophistication throughout. Truly a remarkable piece of work.

The storyline was impenetrable, although often times I felt infuriated with a prince or princess. It was heartwarming and sweet. It all boiled down to one question, can true love be erased. With that, we are sent about following the quest of finding answers, while becoming entangled in more than one love story.





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    1. Book trailers are so addictive, I’ll go to watch one and next thing you know I’ve magically added a new selection to my TBR. I think they do wonder for non readers, because they get a visual of what could be in store for them if they opened up the book.

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  1. Food for you for pushing through the beginning, I’m not very good at that. But maybe if I knew it was going to get better, I’d be able to get through it. Thanks for the recommendation!

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