Book Review: Better With You (Second Chance Series, #1), Gianna Gabriela

Better With You36966195

By: Gianna Gabriela

Length: 242 Pages

Published: February 14th 2018

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


Mia Collins has an amazing life. She was popular in high school, and college is off to a great start. Everything seems perfect until she goes home for the break and everything changes…

One night sets everything in motion and Mia’s world begins to fall apart. She’s stunned that the life she thought she knew was all a lie. After she loses her family, she’s forced to start over. This time though, she vows to not let anyone get close to her again – to not get hurt again.

But life has a funny way of doing the opposite of what you ask for…

Colton Hunter is the captain and quarterback of a winning team. With killer looks and so much money he doesn’t need his football scholarship, you’d think that he would have nothing to worry about.

But behind his picture-perfect life lurks a dark secret – something that Colton has been forced to keep to himself for fear of what happens if he speaks out. Torn up inside by the deceit, he shuts everyone out, not allowing anyone to get close enough to see what hides behind the mask…

That is until a girl crosses his path, shaking his resolve and forcing him to realize he doesn’t have to be strong all the time.




So it’s not often I can say that I finished a book in mere hours. A day, yes, but hours now that comes around like Halley’s Comet. That is exactly what Better With You is, a rare and beautiful moment in time that will last forever in your mind.

I found this book to be so endearing and such an amazing beginning to a new author and series. Nothing could pry this book out of my hands, for I read it while I ate breakfast, I read it while I prepared lunch and by the time I finished it I wanted to start it all over again. Truly this book captivated me from its opening line “Mia, hurry up!” to its last words “I always will.”

When I was first introduced to this book I wanted to read it because it’s enticing cover. I mean the tagline alone sucked me in but, then the teaser started showing up just about everywhere. I just couldn’t say no to the book after reading them. I knew I just had to read it. I let my expectations be, well, I let them be neutral. I didn’t want to expect too much and be let down. Safe to say that even if I set the bar to it limit, Better With You still would have reached it.

The meeting of Colton and Mia was so hilarious and honestly, I thought that what was meant by “second chances” little did I know Gabriela had so much more up her sleeve that left me awestruck. Watching the character development was as easy as watching a Friends on TV. It just worked. No matter how different the array of characters were within the 242 pages of this book not one was out-of-place, not one didn’t make sense and not one felt forgotten by the time I reached the end.

This book isn’t about finding someone to fix you because one person can’t fix all your problems. It’s about two people finding each other and building each other up instead of knocking each other down. Yes, they have their bumps, and boy is there some intriguing little twist within these covers. Oh man, I think I’m giving away too much. But it felt you just had to know that.

There where times within this book that I just laughed, because well the dialogue that goes on is not only realistic but perfect for a sarcastic smarta** like me. It was so refreshing to see authentic communication or lack of (you’ll get when you read it) between the group of college students.

Speaking of college students, Gianna Gabriela eloquently used a class assignment to highlight some very pivotal life-changing factors in which we are challenged within today’s world. And as if you need more incentive to purchase Better With You (FYI~ Colton Hunter is a phenomenal book boyfriend) Gianna is donating 30% of the profits from this book to The International Network of Hearts an organization that works with survivors sex trafficking.

28277188_207644929979840_147706570137568587_nLast but not least I leave you with I’m looking for a recipe for Spiked Oreo Shakes so can drink it down while watching Magic Mike like Mia and Kiya (the best friend/ roommate).








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  1. Great review, this is actually the first time I heard about this book and it looks and sounds absolutely fantastic and amazing. I might check this one out and see if I like it, plus I love the cover as well. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post and putting this book on my radar.

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  2. It’s so great when I book captivates you so much that you power through it like your life depends on it. I am glad you enjoyed this book so much!


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