Oh No….Goodreads Resets


Guess what happened today, while my morning routine consist of waking 4 little people, feeding 4 little people and making sure all 4 little people are properly clothed, I check my emails, the weather and social media accounts including Goodreads.

Well maybe it happened to you, Goodreads servers seem to be playing an April fool’s joke on us in advance. My numbers went to ZERO. Well lets correct that my numbers went to zero and one switched to a NEGATIVE. OH EM GEE.


Yeah, big shock for all us Goodreads account holders. Now it didn’t happen to every account. I can imagine Goodreads help department was flooded with worried readers. In fact it is now at the number one spot on Goodreads Help Topic. Some losing hundreds or thousand in numbers. Rest assured Goodreads has released this statement.

Here it is the response to the masses.


So now what? Well my suggestion just grab a book and keep reading. They’ll get it fixed, fingers crossed for sooner than later.


8 thoughts on “Oh No….Goodreads Resets

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  1. I haven’t used this app/website and I’m totally interested. It’s expected for websites and apps to have glitches like this from time to time so I guess you guys just have to wait it out until they sort it.


    1. It’s a great way to keep track of your reads and it links the books to several outlets for purchasing. Hopefully the problem is resolved sooner than later.


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