Book Review: Fool’s Gold ( Williams Creek #1 ), N.E. Lucas

Fool’s Gold37934197

By: N.E. Lucas

Length: 238 pages

Rating: ☆☆☆☆


Adelle “Dell” Miller is living an ordinary boring life filled with one too many vampire movies and her plaid shirts. Somewhat shy and lacking in confidence.
That’s until a new neighbour moves in.
Max is a little older, sexy and covered in tattoos. And when she is around him she can’t stop talking or staring at him for that matter. But Max is hiding secrets.
But then enter the oh so gorgeous, totally up himself, soon to be step brother Ryder. He is a nightmare and Dell cannot understand why he has it out for her.
Then mix in her best friend big brother. The ever steady and dependable Matt. And you have one very confused teenage girl.
It’s hard being a teenager, but harder when you feel like a total fool falling for the wrong guy.

*Recommended for mature readers 14+ due to moderate language and sexual situations*


Alright, this is one of those books that the only way I can explain it is that I disliked this book so much that I ended up liking it. Yes, you read that right. I disliked this book to the point that I ended up liking it.

It was filled to the brim with cheeky cliché. Throughout the whole book I kept saying “Not this again” or “Well that’s nothing new”. And then, then I got to the last 25% of the book and I realized that no matter how poorly I thought of it, I fell as hard for this book as Adelle does for vampires.

I couldn’t put the book down. While the storyline seemed to be a tad generic and the characters seemed a bit scattered. I like really liked the book overall. At times, some scene became uncomfortable for me, maybe because I’m a mother of 3 girls, or I never had the same experienced that these girls faced while in high school. Think Lifetime Movie Channel teen drama type of teens. So I do wish the characters were a tad older, but I get it. I get why the ages were chosen.

While Lucas crammed this novel of only 238 pages with a ton of social issues faced by teens, drinking, sex, sibling, death, marriage, and young love, it still was so easy to read .

While the book starts off slow, the pace does become more steady around 30%. You watch the characters grow, you see feelings develop and the plot beings to thicken into several plots. Some did seem a tad unneeded and some are not closed at all. Actually one didn’t seem to have much going for it. It started, but then faded away and popped up again awkwardly, but nothing actually came of it. Anyways, by the time you reached the end, let’s just say Lucas leaves poor Adelle standing there very wide eye and you are left shouting at our book looking for the missing pages that are not of existence.

Thankfully the release date for Gold Rush Williams Creek #2 is set for March 2018 and I will be standing beside Adelle waiting to see how this is going to play out.

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  1. Laughing and loving this review, my fellow mom of three. Why do we fall so hard for some of the cheekiest material these authors throw at us? Hope the wait for #2 isn’t too long, and thanks for the giggles.


    1. My husband was utterly surprised at my rating with as much complaining as I did throughout the book. But what can say I’m a sucker for them…lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, I didn’t I’ve ever heard of someone not liking a book to the point they liked it. This book is one in going have to add to my list. Sometimes these type of reads are the best.


  3. Ahh, great review, now I am really intrigued and very curious about this book, I really need too check it out and see if I like it as well. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post and putting this book on my radar.


  4. This was a great and thorough review. I really like that you ended up enjoying this book even though you also didn’t like it. That makes for a good book.


    1. I’m so the opposite, Summers are so busy at our home with the children home from school. I hope this finds its way to you while you’re relaxing under a trees enjoying the summer breeze.


  5. Disliking something up to the extent that you start liking it, that sounds interesting 🙂 Your reviews are always so wonderful, the title of this book attracted me before reading your review. I would love to check this out.


    1. It was the only way I could think to express how I felt about the book. Its sounds so bad, but it was just so very true.


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who would use that phrase. It makes complete sense in my head but when you see it on screen it looks like nonsense.


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