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This may come off as a bit of a rant rather than me seeking an answer. I write reviews for those who this maybe a first time reading a post of mine. More specifically I write book reviews. I review books I own, borrow, won and even books that are requested of me. I get books from the library, stores, NetGalley and from authors (in ebook and physical formatting). Books are what I review, I solely review books of all genres. Why? Because I love reading, I really do.

pexels-photo-278312So what’s the cause of this post? I was asked to remove a review because it was not so positive in ratings I cross post my reviews. So the rating you see here will be the rating you see elsewhere. Evidently, it’s not customary for a negative review to be posted. According to said author. Now I can’t speak for other book reviewers, I’m not them. I am me and that’s it. I don’t have any guidelines for my reviews. But if an author asks for me to review their work, that is what I do. If the author took the time to view my site and ask me to review their work they can easily see that I post reviews no matter what I’ve rated them. I have books rated from one star to five stars, in fact, I even have a book that I left unrated.

Here’s MY theory.

I took time to read the book. I took time out of my life to read the book. I took time to weigh the pros and cons of the book. I took time to write a review. It all boils down to I took TIME for it.

I get that a bad review may not be great to have up for a book. I completely understand stock-photo-pink-footpath-black-and-white-sunshine-shoes-words-superhero-motivation-question-43e92878-1a91-41b9-8146-b1976f99e134what it feels like to put forth so much effort and then someone, whether it be one person or a hundred people tell you it’s not good work. I get it. I do. But I think it comes with the territory as well. I do try to point out the positives of a book along with the negatives.

I know that not all book reviewers post a review if it falls under a certain rating. I am not them though. I share all my reviews if it’s one star or five stars.  All book reviews are different with their rating systems, their posting system, and the reviews formatting.  As I said before I can only speak for me.

My review shall stand as it is.

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  1. I adore this post and totally agree. And being the nosy bitch that I am, I scrolled back to find this negative review on your site and couldn’t find one. I did see an honest and thoughtful review of 3.5 stars – was it that or a similar issue? I am in complete alignment with your thoughts as I strive to only write honest reviews and have been bounced from a few street teams for daring to give a less than glowing opinion. I will no longer join a reader group that sets a minimum of 4 to 5 stars as I believe that renders all garnered reviews meaningless.

    Cheers to you!

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    1. Haha, My lips are sealed as to who the author was, but I do sincerely hope that they take in to consideration not everyone is going to love their work, and negativity is just part of the job. I too have been booted for not giving false praises.

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  2. Right on, them asking you to remove it is just silly. You should know as an Author your book is going to get mixed reviews, from good to bad. People have different tastes. I completely agree if you’ve taken the time to do a review. It deserves to be posted.

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  3. negative reviews are just as important as the good ones… i like to know what others didn’t like, even if I don’t agree. it should be useful for the author too…


  4. As someone who is hoping to get published this year and would love to have you read my book/manuscript, all I can say if you take can’t the heat stay out of the kitchen. Keep doing what your are doing and be brutally honest, even if it hurts

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  5. I gotta say, I totally agree with your post! I too have been removed from street teams for 2-3 star reviews, so when I get asked to join them, I’m upfront and say I’m going to give honest reviews, even if they are negative ones, and if the author is just looking to pad their reviews, they should leave me out of their “team”. Really sours me on an author when I know that’s all they’re looking for!


    1. Even with being upfront about it, I’ve still been evicted. I’m not looking to give a false opinion. If that was the case I wouldn’t be doing reviews for free. LOL


  6. I agree. When I first started blogging and reviewing books, I would try to give more positive ratings. However, now I realize that people actually like people who give more honest reviews and point out issues more than people who only show the positive reviews. I also had to make a decision when I offered to review a book and thought it was awful, and couldn’t even finish it. Now, I try to give my full opinion on books rather than just saying “it wasn’t so bad”.

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  7. I’d like to say I agree with you. It feels uncomfortable to give high ratings on books I did not enjoy at all! I actually find reviews with low ratings a bit more appealing because of the reasons that other readers didn’t find it enjoyable to read. I think it’s just fair for books to have a good and a bad rating. After all, different people have different taste

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  8. I have to admit that I always have a look at the negative or neutral reviews of a book because that way I can get a more well-rounded impression. If all reviews were positive, what would be the point?

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  9. I am confused by how someone would think that it’s not customary to post negative reviews? The only time I refrain from posting lower than 3 stars is during book tours. It is, after all, a promo tour. But I have always been told to feel free to post my review after the tour.

    Where does this person get their logic from? If people only post positive reviews, that makes the review system completely unreliable. We need to see the bad, as well as the good.

    You are 100% in the right here. Stand by your review 🙂


    1. I laughed at that line, and then wondered how many other people received this same email. I have yet to come across a book that everyone just adores. So like you I don’t know where that logic came from but, I would love to know.


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