The Nerd Daily 2018 Reading Challenge UPDATE #1

Well if you aren’t aware I decided this year to add The Nerd Daily to my reading Challenge. You can find the original introduction to the challenge here. But the creators (The Nerd Daily) of this challenge their post can be found here. Well here’s an update on the first 6 books I have completed towards the challenge.


24. Planet Perfect by Charlotte Roth

25. Traitor Born By: Amy A. Bartol

37. Caraval by Stephanie Garber

38. Something Blue by Kristy Nicolle 

39. Re:Camelot Part One: The Descendant of the King By: E.C. Fisher

51. When DNA is Wrong by Jeff Beckett

Each one is linked to it’s review. I must say that I’m finding this journey to flow right along with books I’ve already planned on reading. Which is nice because I can’t afford to add more to my every growing to be read list which has recently started to topple on to insanity.

17 thoughts on “The Nerd Daily 2018 Reading Challenge UPDATE #1

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  1. The Nerd Daily reading challenge sounds and looks like an amazing way to discover new authors and genres. I’m always on the lookout for new books and recommendations, bookmarking this post to go through the 6 you’ve already read!


  2. The Book Challenge sounds great, I am glad you are able to finish 6 books, glad to see your update. I see some amazing books on your reading challenge list, can’t wait to read about more books and their reviews.


  3. I would love to join this challenge as it sounds like its going to be fun. Even though I’m currently on a challenge of reading 2oo books this year. How can I join and what’s your name so I can friend request you on Goodreads.


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