Book Review: Traitor Born (Secondborn #2), Amy A. Bartol

Traitor Born35555251

By: Amy A. Bartol

Length: 309 Pages

Rating: ☆☆☆ 1/2


In the Fates Republic…
Firstborns reign supreme.
Secondborns kneel in servitude.
Thirdborns face death.
And Census shadows them all.

Secondborn Roselle St. Sismode was pressed into military service to battle the rebel uprising threatening the society that enslaves her. Now, powerful factions conspire to subvert the lines of succession, positioning Roselle to replace her mother as leader of the Republic’s armed forces. But the woman who bore her would sooner see Roselle dead than let her usurp her firstborn brother’s command.

The deadly war of intrigue between her new masters and her ruthless family is but one conflict challenging Roselle. A soldier for the rebellion has drawn her into a rogue army’s plot to overthrow the Republic and shatter its brutal caste system. Targeted by assassins and torn between allies, Roselle will have her loyalty, love, and honor tested in the greatest battle of—and for—her life.



I struggled with rating this between 4 stars and 3 stars. I thought I finally settled on 4 stars, but then got to talking about the book and realized there was just too much that didn’t connect with me but at the same time, 3 stars didn’t seem right either because I still enjoyed the book and still look for to the next installment.  So that’s how I landed at 3 1/2 stars.

This is book two of what I believe is set to be a trilogy, but who knows anymore these days, authors are adding more and more books to series to accommodate their growing fan base.

But that’s a little off track, Secondborn (Book 1) I found to be amazing, that in fact why I waited for what seemed forever for Traitor born and thanks to NetGalley I didn’t even have to wait until April to read it. But it, Traitor Born obviously did not meet the same fate a Secondborn on the five-star podium. Why what could drive a series to dip?

Well, it was overloaded with romance. Roselle our protagonist seem to have a budding relationship (romantically based) with what seems to be just about any male that came into the storyline. Which would have been fine by me if a relationship wasn’t already left on a cliffhanger from book one. I mean it was riddled with it, to the point I couldn’t keep track of if she was faking the relationship ( yes some were forged into the master plan) or if these were genuine feelings established. It was agonizing, to say the least. Let’s not even mention the cringe-worthy intimacy that awkwardly took place.

What I thought I was getting was a novel with high action and adventure. But what I got was an over the top romance novel. Ok, to be fair there was some really epic action scene, extremely developed, raw and at times frightful with the outcome of them that left me turning page after page to find out what had happened, who was responsible and who of a long cast was left remaining.

Now the world build was phenomenal. Great care went into its creations, so much so that it felt unbalanced. World Building Vs. Storyline. World building came out the champ. I felt that the story was good but that it seem to come second to the overbearing, constant long-winded description. Not saying it wasn’t well written, it most certainly was, it allowed for the who’s and what’s to become actively vivid, but it was a tad overbearing.

The books saving grace, however, was the unlikely twist of events that took place throughout the book. That is what has left me still wanting more. Bartol has a way of adding the perfect cliffhangers that you just can’t pass up on the book or books that will follow. I know that I for one look for Rebel Born which isn’t set to release until 2019…It’s going to be a long wait.

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  1. I loved your honesty in this review, sometimes I really struggle to read books that have far too much romance, I am not a fan of romance that seems really staged and nothing like reality!


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