Book Review: Re:Camelot Part One: The Descendant of the King, E.C. Fisher

Re:Camelot Part One: The Descendant of the King37662560

By: E.C. Fisher

Length: 83 pages

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆


In an inaccessible solar system, on the planet Avalon, darkness spreads across the continent, consuming all. But through the blackness, a small light emanates, signaling hope. Merlin awakes from her realistic dream in a cold sweat. She recalls an ancient prophecy. She must find the descendant of King Arthur who will draw Excalibur and save them.

Meanwhile on Earth, Arthur is sent off to a boarding school in England. Alone in a strange place he is unaccustomed to, he draws solace in the tales his mother used to read him, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. He imagines a life where dragons and magic dwell, where damsels need rescuing, and where knights stand for honor, valor, chivalry, and uphold a firm code of conduct.

His greatest desire granted, the days of solitude and daydreaming are over. A duty befalls him that he must undertake. Does he have the courage to answer the call? With Excalibur in hand, will he be strong enough to fight for a world unknown and foreign to him?


Book Trailer:


Every reader has that one book that they wish they could be a part of, for me, it’s a rather long list. But for young Arthur that wish becomes reality.

With this exceptional short story, you’ll be filled to the brim with awe and wonder. Fisher beautifully crafted Avalon to capture the imagination of all readers.  The Descendant of the King stands strong with prominent world building and delightful storytelling. The best way I could define it would be the future of the past brought to life in present day.

The characters are depicted in such a way that you instantly take a liking to them. You can feel the drive that each one has to save Avalon and to aid Arthur is his journey which is not only the chosen one but a journey to finding himself years after the death of his parents.

When the story first starts to unfold I was hesitant in the direction it would take. How would Fisher connect Earth and Avalon so that it didn’t just seem as though Arthur was dropped into a world unbeknownst to the human race? The transition, however, was executed flawlessly. Which I attribute to having been able to glimpse both worlds prior to intermixing them.

The cast is not large and overbearing as of yet, but I do believe that it will continue to grow with each additional book printed. Does that worry me? Not in the least bit, if each book is written in the same aspect as Part one, this will be a journey not to miss.

Booke Teaser:


26 thoughts on “Book Review: Re:Camelot Part One: The Descendant of the King, E.C. Fisher

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  1. I love how you also include a trailer on the book review as it give some visual side of the story. And this is only part one of the story so many more to come and I am sure reader would be delighted.


    1. YOUTUBE….There’s a whole giant collection of them and they are amazing. Not only do you official trailers but you can also find a bunch a fan created trailers and it’s amazing to see the skill set that brace the web.


  2. This is not really my kind of read, as I don’t really enjoy SF, but the story sounds interesting. A combination between SF and the fantasy world through the King’s Arthur story might be a great read for a young adult.


  3. The book trailer looks so good, I never knew book trailers even existed. Thank you fir introducing me to them. The book sounds interesting, will check this out.


  4. Oh wow I had never seen a book trailer before how cool is that!! – this looks like a great read, I am interesting in this genre at the moment so will check it out


  5. This could be an epic read!! honestly it hooked right away. However, 83 pages… ? hm, can I openly say what I think? well, no, I guess I’m not entitled to criticize without having it read. In my days that was called a “chapter” and you needed many to make a book, unless it was a tale.


    1. It is short, but it is only part one. It seems to be a trend with self publisher or indie writers to release shorts in between their larger pieces of work. Something to keep them at the top of their readers list.


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